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Episode begins with Rani informs Rajavat’s about Veer’s death. Rajmata asks her that what the latter saying. Vikram asks her that what kind of joke is this. Rani tells him that she is telling the truth. Vijaya comes there and asks her to not confuse them by twisting the words. Rajavat’s understands that Vijaya knows Rani’s truth and their ghost drama. Vijaya asks Rani to reveal to Rajavat’s that who killed Veer. Rajmata cries and asks her that who killed Veer. Vikram tells her that Vijaya would have killed Veer.

Rani reveals that she killed Veer. Rajeshwari shatters hearing her. Vikram refuses to believe her and tells her that he knows that she is lying and asks her that where is Veer now. He tells her that she loves Veer and she can’t kill him and she must be saying all this because of Vijaya. Rajeshwari asks her to tell that the latter is lying. Rani tells them that Veer wanted to transfer all the properties on Rajeshwari’s name but she wanted to become Ranisa. She says to them that she tried to explain her point to Veer but he didn’t listen her.

Rajeshwari slaps her and asks her that how can the latter kill Veer when he loved her so much. Rani recalls that how Vijaya showed the live telecast to her. She learns that Suraj and Vijaya kidnapped Veer. She asks Vijaya to leave Veer. Vijaya reveals that she knows Rani’s truth. Rani apologizes to her and pleads her to leave Veer. Suraj tells her that she used him so she need to pay for it. She pleads him to not harm Veer. Suraj shoots on Veer’s leg. Rani shatters seeing that.

Vijaya asks her to not cry and get ready to prepare for Veer’s last rites. Rani attacks her saying that she won’t leave her if anything happens to Veer then. Suraj screams and warns Rani to leave Vijaya. Vijaya warns Rani to not repeat this mistake. Rani tells her that she will do whatever the latter wants her to do. Vijaya asks her to follow her instructions. Rani comes to the reality. Rajeshwari yells at Rani and cries. Rani tells them that she is giving job to them and asks them lead a life without Veer. Rajeshwari asks her that did the latter ever loved Veer. Rani tells her that money helps to heal and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Jai’s mother notices Champa and asks Jai that what Champa doing in their house. Jai tells her that Champa lost her job so he hired her as maid. She tells him that they need experienced maid for sure and asks him that why maid wearing such a expensive saree. He tells her that Nanthini would have gave her saree to Champa. He asks his parents to get freshen up. He warns Nanthini to not tell anything to his parents.

Meanwhile Suraj tells Veer that he is going to get Rani. Veer laughs at him and tells him that no one can win against Rani. Suraj tells him that next time he will shoot on head and leaves from there. On the other hand, Rani asks Vijaya to tell about Veer’s whereabouts. Vijaya asks her to return all the property papers. She tells her that she don’t have those papers and she don’t want anything and pleads her to return Veer. Vijaya tells her that the latter can’t even meet Veer until she returns the papers.

Episode ends.