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The episode begins with Veer tells Rani that because of her now Nanthini’s marriage going to happen with a characterless guy like Jay and tightens the grip on her. She cries saying it’s paining and looks at him and says she was about to stay silent only but after seeing what happened to Champa she could not able to stay silent.

He yells at her saying he was handling the issue carefully but she played with Nanthini’s life because she wanted to become good daughter-in-law of this house. He says she always do everything wrong and warns her saying that he won’t leave her if anything happened to his sister then and leaves from there. Pinku tells Rani that he saw everything.

 Champa comes there and scolds Rani for doing drama. Rani says Champa lied to everyone. Champa says she is not lying and was about to leave from there but Rani stops her saying if any guy behaved like this in her village then she would have teach lesson to that person.

Nanthini says she really wants to slap Rani and first she spoiled Veer’s life , Rajeshwari left the house because of her now she is behind her life and curses her. Kiara says today Rani crossed all the limits. Vikram says there would be some reason otherwise why Rani will accuse Jay.

 Nanthini scolds him for defending Rani. She says she is really Rajeshwari now because if she was here then she would have guided her but she is not attending her call. She says she is thinking to meet her mother.

Jay informs  Rajavat’s that his parents reached Jaipur. Rajmata says she is ready to welcome them so he need not to worry about preparations. He says his parents thinks Veer’s marriage happened with Kiara and they are not aware about Veer and Rani’s marriage so if they got to know about it then they won’t allow him to marry Nanthini.

Padmini says it’s serious problem for sure. Jay says Kiara should behave as Veer’s wife infront of his parents to solve the problem. Veer says Rajavat’s never lies and if anyone wants to be a part of this family then they has to accept the truth that Rani is his wife. Rajmata says new relation should not begin with lie. Padmini says they should lie for Nanthini’s life.

Dikvijay says they can’t hide this truth. Nanthini pleads Dikvijay to listen Padmini. Jay says they has to decide before his parents comes here. Veer says he won’t let Jay marry Nanthini and says Rani is daughter in law of this house not Kiara. Jay’s parents arrives there and Rajmata welcomes them. They meets everyone from Rajavat family and asks about Veer’s wife.

 Veer tells them to take rest saying he has to leave for hospital so will introduce his wife later. Veer warns Jay to leave the house before he comes from hospital. Padmini scolds Veer for speaking like this with Jay. Veer thinks Jay planning to do something so he has to stop the engagement.



Episode ends.