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The episode begins with Vijay enters the police station. Ramadheer tells him that he was waiting for him only and asks about Rani. He says once Rani decides to do something then she never listens others,this time she wanted to put Veer in jail and asks what’s happening there. Vijay stays silent. Ramadheer says he is really worried about Veer’s marriage and asks why he is not saying anything.

Vijay says he has some work to and leaves from there without answering his question. He thinks how to inform him about Rani’s marriage. Ramadheer prays to God to protect Rani from all danger. Veer enters his room and recalls how Rajeshwari slapped him and cursed him and also how she denied to accept Rani as her daughter in law and told him to leave the house.

 Rani was moving towards Veer’s room and recalls how Rajeshwari insulted her and reaches his room. He tells her to not enter his room saying her Griha pravesh happened to enter this house but she can’t his life and his room.


Dikvijay says if Veer didn’t marry Rani then they would have killed him. Rajeshwari smiles. He gets confused seeing her smile. She says she was thinking till now that why he didn’t took stand for Veer yet. He says there different between two situations and he knows that it should not have happened but Veer did nothing wrong.

She says there is no different between the two situations and if Veer was her son then he would not have done something like this but he is Dikvijay’s son so she can expect this from him definitely. He yells at her. She tells him to not yell at her saying if he can support Veer then he should hear the things against him also.

 She says she hates the people who makes mistakes and she forgive Dikvijay because he is her husband but Veer is no one for her and today he proved that by marrying Rani. She tells him to not argue with her and says her mind not working already and she doesn’t want to do something for which she may regret later.


Veer says it took more than 20 Years for Rajeshwari to call him as her son but what he did, he hurted her on the same day. He was never happy in his life but he felt immensely happy when she called him as her son and says he was keep thinking that she will bless him and hug him after his marriage but after what he did today she can just hate him and everything happened because of Rani.

 He says as a Doctor he just saves the life of people and never hurts anyone but today he hurted Kiara, Kiara’s family and also his family and Rani is responsible for this. He says he should not have brought her to his house and he regrets that now. He says he hates her and tells her to not show her face again and also leave from here. Rani says she didn’t told him to marry her and he was not ready to confess his crime.

He tells her to not talk about this again and close the door. Kiara cries saying her dream broken. Her mother tries to console her. Rani recalls her dreams and cries.


Episode ends.