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The episode begins with Rani tells Jay that his marriage won’t happen with Nanthini. He asks who will stop his marriage. She says truth comes out one day for sure so everyone will get to know about his truth too. Rajeshwari tells Rani that she told Arun to bring juice for everyone but he is not here with juice yet so Rani should bring them. Rani was about to go but Padmini stops her and tells Kumud to go and see.

Malini says she wants to click pictures with everyone. Veer was sitting without moving from his seat so Rajeshwari calls him saying they are clicking family picture. Rani stands there alone and Veer looks at her. She recalls Ramadheer’s words about the importance of marriage and wonders thinking she didn’t want to become the daughter-in-law of this house and also Veer didn’t accept her as his wife then why she is feeling sad seeing all this.

Nanthini says not everyone coming in selfie so who will click their picture. Rajeshwari tells Kumud to click the picture and tells Rani to put properly her saree’s fall. Rani bends in front of Rajeshwari to do that but Veer stops her saying he will do it. When Rani, Veer stands together Kumud clicks the picture. Padmini asks her to show the picture and notices Rani there and Kiara is not visible so thinks no matter what but Rajeshwari can’t separate Rani from Veer’s life. She thinks she is leaving but her blessings are with Rani always. Kiara too sees the picture and notices that her face is not visible.

Padmini says she has to leave now. Malini tells her to stay until Jay and Nanthini’s engagement. Rajeshwari says Padmini has important work to do that’s why she is leaving now. Vikram says he will miss Padmini. Rajeshwari tells her to learn to differentiate between right and wrong. Padmini says right thing will be right always and one day Rajeshwari will understand that and leaves after bidding bye to everyone. Rani follows her and tells her to stay saying she will feel alone without her.

Padmini hugs her and apologize to her for her behaviour and says she is sad that she could not able to give the respect to her which she deserves. Rani says she become better person because of her. Padmini says Rani is perfect daughter in law of this house. Rani says she won’t forget the experience she got because of her and says she will try to win Rajeshwari’s heart too. Padmini tells her to take care of her and leaves from there. Rajeshwari asks why Dikvijay didn’t inform her about his heart attack. He says he didn’t wanted to worry her. Kumud comes there with soup.

Rajeshwari asks why she brought it and thanks her for taking care of Dikvijay in her absence. Veer was about to inject Malini for her leg pain. She stops him saying she is afraid of injection and tells him to give any pills. Rani comes there and says she will do traditional treatment for her pain and massage her legs. Rani and Veer argues with each other. Malini says they are fighting like husband and wife. She says Rani is not just a servant. Rani thinks she will fulfill the promise she made to Ramadheer .

Episode ends.