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The episode begins with Rani was doing preparations for pooja. Jay’s mother Malini notices that and asks why she is doing this when the daughter in law of this house should do this . Rani says she can’t lie to her and was about to reveal her identity to her but Jay interrupts and lies to his mother saying Veer’s wife does not well do Rani doing this. He says Rani may look like this but she is important person of this family and says she is the number one servant here. Malini says if daughter in law is not well then it’s okay and praises Rani’s preparations. She gives lot of money as blessings to Rani.

Rani apologize to her and says she can’t accept this. Malini says it’s just her blessings so Rani can accept this. Rani tells her to pray for her if she wants to bless her then and says Jay doesn’t looks like her son. Malini laughs hearing her and says since childhood he was naughty and tells him to get ready for pooja and leaves from there. Jay tells Rani to control her anger. Rani taunts him and says she is doing pooja preparations for Rajmata. She says she will fulfill her responsibilities as daughter in law of this house but she won’t let Jay marry Nanthini.

She thinks what will happen when Jay’s parents will get to know about the truth of her. Kumud tells Dikvijay that Veer is tensed about Nanthini’s marriage so he should consider his opinion also. He yells at her and warns her to not interfere in his family matters. Rajmata who came there asks Dikvijay that what happened to him. But he yells at her so she was about to leave the room but he stops her and apologize to her saying everything is fine. She tells him to get ready for pooja.

Pooja was about to begin so Malini asks about Veer’s wife. Jay says pooja is their priority now so she can meet her later. Priest begins the pooja. Padmini was about to sit for pooja but Malini stops her saying she can’t participate in this pooja. Rajmata says Padmini is part of their family so Malini can’t insult her like this. Malini says Padmini is widow so according to her tradition she can’t participate in this pooja.

Padmini feels bad hearing her. Vikram takes stand for Padmini but Dikvijay stops him. Rani tells Malini that she wants to say something and takes stand for Padmini. She says accident happened with Padmini’s husband but they didn’t got his dead body so how can Padmini believe that her husband died. She says Padmini waits for her husband’s return. Malini says married woman’s does this pooja for their husband. Rani says Parvati did pooja for Shivji even though she stayed away from him. She says Padmini has all the rights to participate in this pooja.

Jay’s father agrees with Rani. Rani pleads Malini let Padmini sit in this pooja. Malini praises Rani and tells Padmini to sit for pooja. Pooja begins and Padmini looks at Rani. Later Padmini recalls how Malini stopped her and also how Rani took a stand for her. Rani gives prasad to Padmini. Padmini apologizes to Rani and says she always insulted her and her family but today she took a stand for her in front of everyone. Rani says she just wants her blessings and tells her to not cry. Padmini hugs Rani and was about to introduce her to Malini but stops seeing Rajeshwari.

Episode ends.