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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer goes with Rajeshwari leaving Rani

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Episode begins with Rani says she hates him because he portrays himself as devil but in real he is really kind person. She was about to leave from there but he drags her towards him and says he also has reasons to hate her and says he hates her because she can go any extend to save her dearest ones. He says he hates her for putting efforts to save him. She says she can’t let him go away from her. He says he doesn’t want to go away from her. She says she got earring and asks him to close his eyes. He closes his eyes and she applies colour on him and tries to run from there but he holds her hand and rubs his cheeks on her cheeks and leaves from there. She smiles realising what he did.

Next day, everyone was sleeping in the hall and Rani wakes up first. She notices that Veer sleeping beside her holding her hand and recalls what happened yesterday. She remembers the earring and starts searching it. Veer wakes up and asks what is she searching. She gets relieved when she realised that she has the earring and thinks she has to find the real culprit to prove Veer’s innocence. Everyone wakes up. Rajmata and Rajeshwari teases them. Kiara says she really enjoyed this year holi. Vikram thinks everything happened because of his Bhang plan.

Veer recalls what all happened yesterday and thinks he will miss spending time with her and he just wants her to live happily. Rani thinks she has to find the owner of the earring as soon as possible because she doesn’t have much time. Veer says he refused Rani to apply colour on him but as usual she didn’t listen him. She says while playing holi, he didn’t said all this. She says he must be tired so she will bring his breakfast.

He stops her and says she wanted to tell him about some earring or anklets. She says she was just singing song and starts singing. He understood that she is changing the topic and says he won’t let her reach her destination. She thinks if he win then truth has to lost so she won’t let that happen. She prays to God to give her strength to find the real culprit.

Dikvijay tells Rajmata that big lawyers are not ready to involve in Veer’s case , so he is not understanding what to do. Vikram says he is fake and so his concern towards Veer. They shocks seeing Veer there. Kumud gives juice to Veer saying Rani told her to give it to him. Veer leaves from there. Rajmata scolds Vikram for his behaviour and asks him to not repeat his mistake.

Jeweller arrives at Rajavat house to meet Rajmata. She sends him back saying she doesn’t want to polish the jewels now. Rani tells Rajmata that they can polish the jewels. She thinks this is the best idea to find the real culprit. Rajmata nods at her.

Episode ends.