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The episode begins with Padmini accepts Rani as daughter in law of the house and takes her with her saying she will introduce her to Malini. Malini asks Veer to introduce his wife to them. Padmini was about to introduce Rani but Rajeshwari stops her saying she will introduce her daughter in law. Rajavat’s gets happy seeing Rajeshwari.

Vikram, Nanthini runs towards her and hugs her saying they missed her a lot. Veer gets emotional seeing her. Rajeshwari greets Rajmata and looks at Rani, Veer. Veer greets Rajeshwari but she ignores him and meets Jay’s parents. Malini says she is waiting to meet Rajeshwari’s daughter in law. Rajeshwari introduces Kiara as Veer’s wife to Jay’s parents. Rajavat’s shocks hearing her and Veer looks at Rani. Kiara comes there and holds Veer’s hand. Rajeshwari says she wants to talk to them about Nanthini’s engagement. Veer was about to say something but Dikvijay stops him and pleads him to stay silent.

Rajeshwari tells Veer, Kiara to take blessings from Jay’s parents. Veer looks at Rani again and moves towards Jay’s parents with Kiara then takes blessings from them. Malini says they are looking good together and praises Kiara’s beauty. Veer recalls his marriage and Rani wipes her tears. Shanti got to know from Rani that Rajeshwari introduced Kiara as her daughter in law. Malini gives necklace to Kiara saying she ordered this for Veer’s wife. Rajeshwari mistreats Rani and Jay smiles seeing that. She hugs Kiara and says she is lucky that she got Kiara as her daughter in law and blesses her. Kiara tells her to not go anywhere again leaving them. Malini praises their bond and gifts saree to Kiara and tells her to wear this

Rajeshwari says Malini needs rest right now and tells Kumud take Malini to guest room. Jay’s parents moves towards the guest room. Kiara says she did everything which Rajeshwari told her to do and gives the necklace and saree to her and leaves from there. Rajmata asks Rajeshwari that why she introduced Kiara as her daughter in law to Jay’s parents and says she did wrong by doing this.

Rajeshwari says she will decide what is right and wrong and says whatever decision she took for this family is always right only. She says Kiara deserved to become daughter in law of this house that’s why she took this decision. Vikram says it’s not fair and says she hurted Rani by ignoring her. Nanthini says seems like he is hurt more than Rani and says Rajeshwari did right thing. He says Rajeshwari lied and it’s not right no matter what. He says they can’t answer anyone if they got to know the truth then. He says Jay too suggested this only but Rajmata, Dikvijay denied to lie.

Dikvijay says Rajeshwari should not have done that and asks why she lied to them. Rajmata says she will talk to them but Rajeshwari stops her saying she will handle everything. Rajeshwari scolds Padmini for accepting Rani as daughter in law of this house. Padmini says she insulted Rani and her family like Rajeshwari wanted and tells her everything which happened in this house in Rajeshwari’s absence and praises Rani. She reveals that it was Rani who saved Dikvijay’s life and decides to tell this truth to Veer.

Episode ends.