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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer takes Rani back infuriating Ranisa

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Episode begins with Rani was working in the kitchen and Veer notices that and tells her to not do that but she refuses to listen him saying he should not disturb her like this. Before she falls from chair, he catches her and they shares an eye lock. Jay wakes up and looks himself in the mirror and recalls how Rani applied black colour powder on him. Champa sees his face and taunts him. He asks how dare she to laugh at him. She says she is sure that Rani is responsible for his state and asks why he stayed here. He says Rajeshwari gave permission to him that’s why and says today she is laughing at his condition but once Veer goes to jail, he will get his revenge from Rani and he will laugh at Rani. She says he is dumb and says Rani can do anything and asks him to not forget that how Rani saved Veer last time.

Veer says he won’t be with Rani all the time to save her and asks what was she searching. She says she is going to polish everyone’s jewels. He says he will help her. She thinks his presence will disturb her and says she don’t need his help. He thinks something is fishy definitely otherwise she won’t waste her time like this instead of searching the real culprit. He decides to find what Rani planning to do.

Nanthini gives her jewel box to Rajmata. Kiara brings her jewel box and says it’s risky to handover the jewels to Rani for polish. Rajeshwari thinks if Rani found evidence then her family will be shattered. Rani comes there and recalls Veer and Birju’s words. She thinks she is going to fight against her family and prays God to give strength to face everything. She notices same design earring in Kiara’s jewel box but she has both earrings and wonders how is this possible. Kiara tells Rani to polish her jewels too. Rani says Ramadheer gifted her these anklets and bangles then she takes her neckpiece and says it’s her mother’s neckpiece. Kiara laughs at her. Rani says these are very precious to her. Veer overhears their conversation and wants Rani to take stand for her always like this and leaves from there.

Rajeshwari says she will give her jewels to somewhere else for polish because Rani’s method may spoil her jewels. Rajmata assures her saying nothing will happen and asks her to give it to Rani. Rani notices that everyone has same design earrings. Nanthini says her one earring is missing and shows it to Rajeshwari. Rani sees that earring and thinks it must be Nanthini who was driving the car that day and Veer want to save his sister. Rajeshwari tells her to search saying it must be here only. Nanthini finds the missing earring and says it was her favourite earring and says everyone has same design. Rani gets confused and wonders what to do now. Everyone leaves from there except Rani. She notices her neckpiece is missing. Veer makes her wear that neckpiece and leaves from there. Rani finds receipt of earring.

Episode ends.