Family’s efforts to lift up Rani’s mood: Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler
Family’s efforts to lift up Rani’s mood: Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler

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Episode begins with Nanthini meets Jay and says Rajeshwari won’t leave the issue that easily and says she doesn’t know what will happen if Rani tells the truth because of Rajeshwari’s pressure. Jay says no one will know the truth and says he will arrange the money as soon as possible to return it to her.

She leaves from there. He shocks seeing Rani there. She says he won’t change no matter what and says he finally trapped Nanthini also in his game and asks him to return the money otherwise she will give complaint against him to Police.

He acts like he is afraid and starts to laugh at her which confuses her. He insults her and throws few coins at her saying she deserves to receive this much only and tells her to leave from there. She slaps him and he pushes her and says she can’t reach his place and she looks good in the floor only and leaves from there.

Veer gets worried for Rani and says again she didn’t inform that where she is going. Rani comes there and struggling to walk properly. He asks how many time she will sprain her ankle and asks how it happened. She says she fell down while walking. He says he knows that she is lying. She thinks she can’t tell the truth to him.

He says she has to tell the truth to him then only he can help her and asks is it related to that money and asks who stole the money. She thinks he deserves to know about Nanthini because Jay may trap her again. She reveals that it was Nanthini who stole the money and also informs him about Jay and Nanthini’s conversation. He tells her to go with him.

Jay was on his way to give the money to goons. But Veer stops him and beats him. Jay asks him to listen. Jay asks how dare he to manipulate his sister and hurt his wife and throws him in front of Rani and orders him to apologize to her. Jay apologize to her. Veer asks him about money and takes it from Jay’s car. He warns him to stay away from Nanthini and Rani. Jay thinks he won’t leave anyone from Rajavat’s family.

Rani recalls how Veer trusted her and treated her wound and looks at him. He thanks her for doing all this for Nanthini. She sees samosa from roadside vendor and wish to eat that. He notices her expression and stops the car to get samosa for her. She gets excited and runs towards the shop.

Kiara yells at Vikram for ignoring her calls. He says he is already tensed and his priority is his family so she should not act like she is his wife. She tells him that they posted their marriage certificate and they can’t let anyone receive it. He says he will handle it and asks her to not come again and again.

Veer eats samosa with Rani and talks like how she talks. She smiles hearing him and enjoys the samosa. He thinks soon Ramadheer will be released and until then he will keep her happy like this.

Episode ends.