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The episode begins with Malini says Rani is more than servant for Rajavat’s family. Veer tells her to take Rani’s treatment and after that too she is not getting rid of pain then he will inject her and leaves from there. Rani massage Malini’s leg with the oil she brought with her. In dining table, Malini tells Rajeshwari to call Veer and his wife.

Veer and Rani comes there then Kiara joins them. Rajeshwari orders Rani to serve everyone. Rani gives the special dish to Malini which she prepared for her. Malini praises Rani saying no one knows about her leg pain other than her husband but Rani got to know about it and even massaged her leg. Rajmata too starts praising Rani which irks Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari says Rani working for them so knowing everyone’s need is her job.

Jay was keep ordering Rani. Veer controls his anger seeing Jay’s behaviour towards Rani. Rani says Jay doesn’t seem like Malini’s son. Rajeshwari scolds Rani for behaving like this with guests. Jay’s father says Rani is somehow right because Jay lacks maturity. Malini says she feels that her love spoiled Jay. Jay’s father tells Jay to behave properly. Malini says he is getting married so will change after his marriage because Nanthini will be there to guide him.

Vikram says Nanthini also careless and was about to say more but she interrupts him saying he loves to tease her like this. Jay tells Malini to fix the engagement date saying he is waiting for that only. Rajeshwari says tomorrow she will call Priest to fix engagement date. Veer and Rani looks at each other. Rani taunts Jay indirectly. Rajeshwari says Rani speaked more than enough today and tells her to go to kitchen and have her food. Kiara smirks hearing that. Rani was having dinner in kitchen. Rajmata comes there and says she is still hungry and says she wants to have food with her.

Rani brings chair for Rajmata and serves food to her and they eats together. Rajmata apologize to her saying she is not taking stand for her in this house and says Rani is different from others. Rani says she just speaks without thinking about anything. Rajmata says Rani doing everything for this family without expecting anything in return and blesses her. Jay thanks Champa for not saying the truth in front of everyone. She says no use of it because he is going to marry Nanthini. He says Nanthini will be his namesake wife and he won’t break his relationship with her and says he can do so many things for her. She threatens him saying if he doesn’t give money to her then she will expose him.

Rani comes there but Champa hides in the room before Rani sees her. He asks Rani that what is she doing here and tells her to leave otherwise he will complain to Rajeshwari. She taunts him and leaves from there. Rajeshwari thanks Kiara for her help and tells her to take a rest in the guest room. Kiara decides to enter Veer’s life permanently. She shifts to Veer’s room.

Episode ends.