Family’s efforts to lift up Rani’s mood: Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler
Family’s efforts to lift up Rani’s mood: Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler

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Episode begins with Dikvijay asks Rajeshwari that why she hided the truth from him. He tells her to not worry about anything because he won’t let anything happen to her and leaves from there. Rajeshwari says to Veer that right thing only happened. Veer says he will find out who is behind this and he will return to release her from jail. Ramadheer talks with Rani and asks why she is crying. Rani lies to him and asks about Dadi and Pinku. Ramadheer learns that Police arrested Rajeshwari. Two people enters Rajavat house and goes to Rani’s room. They kidnap Rani. Rajmata misses Rajeshwari and recalls how Police arrested Rajeshwari. Kumud brings medicine for Rajmata and notices Rajmata didn’t eat anything and tells Rajmata to eat. Rajmata says to Kumud that she is not hungry. Kumud asks her to eat saying Rajmata has to take medicine too. Rajmata asks Kumud to concentrate on her work and scolds her.

Kumud says to Rajmata that she fulfilled all her responsibilities till now but why Rajmata just sees her one mistake and cries. Rajmata asks her to not cry. Nanthini asks Rajmata about Rani. She says to Rajmata that Rani is fraud. She says Rajeshwari is in jail because of Rani. Birju says to Nanthini that Rajeshwari is culprit but Nanthini accusing Rani. He says rich people behave like this only because they just know to use poor people. He says Rani is not alone because he will stand by her side. He says Rajeshwari should have told the truth earlier. Nanthini badmouth about Rani and Birju. Rajmata says to Birju that he can’t speak like this and asks him to understand the situation.

In jail, Rajeshwari asks Constable to give hand fan. Constable scolds her and asks her to sit silently. Other culprits makes fun of Rajeshwari and taunts her. Nanthini says to Rajmata that Rani is responsible for everything because it’s Rani who recorded Rajeshwari’s confession and gave it to Police. Rajmata says to Nanthini that she trust Rani and Rani won’t do something like that. Nanthini says to Rajmata that Rani want to take Rajeshwari’s place by sending her to jail. She says Rajeshwari was right about Rani always.

Birju asks Nanthini to not badmouth about Rani. Veer scolds Birju. Nanthini says to Veer that Rani recorded Rajeshwari’s confession. She says Rani is responsible for Rajeshwari’s condition and cries. Veer says to Nanthini that he knows about Rani. He says she is not that kind of person to do all this. Nanthini says to Veer that she can’t believe that Veer still trust Rani. She says she will ask Rani and Rani has to answer her questions.

Kumud says Rani is not in her room. Birju accuses Veer. Kiara asks Veer to believe Nanthini. Kidnapper video calls Veer and shows the unconscious Rani. Kidnapper says to Veer that he will kill Rani if Rajeshwari doesn’t come out of jail in 24hours then. Veer asks Kidnapper to leave Rani. Kidnapper hurts Rani which shocks Veer.

Episode ends.