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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer goes with Rajeshwari leaving Rani

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Episode begins with Kidnapper says to Veer that he will kill Rani if Rajeshwari doesn’t come out of jail in 24hours then. Veer asks Kidnapper to leave Rani. Birju asks Kidnapper to not hurt Rani. Kidnapper hurts Rani and disconnects the call. Rajmata wonders who kidnapped Rani and cries. Birju suspects Rajavat family in Rani’s kidnap. Veer wonders how Kidnapper entered the house.Vikram says to Veer that no one came to their house. Champa says two people came from electricity department. Veer says Rani’s health is not good already and gets worried for her. Vikram suggests to inform about Rani’s kidnap to Dikvijay, but Veer refused.

Veer says to Vikram that Dikvijay is worried for Rajeshwari already so they should not disturb him by informing about Rani’s kidnap. Veer finds Rani’s watch and recalls the moments he shared with her and cries. Vikram consoles him. Birju asks Veer to not act and reveals about his doubt. Rajmata asks what is he saying. Birju says to Rajmata that without their permission it’s impossible to kidnap Rani. Kiara yells at him for suspecting them. Vikram says Birju become mad and asks why they will kidnap Rani. Birju says they thinks Rani is responsible for Rajeshwari’s arrest that’s why they did this. He says Kidnapper didn’t ask ransom but asked Rajeshwari’s release and it says everything.

Veer asks Vikram to call Vijay because they need his help to find Rani. Kiara says they should throw Birju out of the house. Veer finds a piece of cloth in his room. Rajmata faints. Veer asks Champa to bring Rajmata’s BP tablets. Rajeshwari wakes up hearing other ladies snoring sound. She asks one lady to stay away from her, but that lady refused. Rajeshwari thinks she trust her family and they will do something for her release definitely.

Veer tells Rajmata to take care of her health. He promises to bring Rani and Rajeshwari to their house and asks her to not worry about anything. Vikram says Rajmata should stay healthy. Veer tells Kumud to stay with Rajmata always. Kumud nods at her. Veer recalls how Rani saved him till now and leaves the room. Birju informs Ramadheer about Rani’s kidnap. He says Ramadheer doing wrong by believing Rajavat family. Kiara scolds Birju for talking about Rajavat family like this. Birju says he won’t stay silent because it’s about Rani’s life. He says he knows that Rajavat family can do anything to save Rajeshwari.

Vikram asks Birju to search Rani if he really cares about her then instead of blaming others like this. Veer says their priority is finding Rani but they are busy arguing with each other unnecessarily. He reveals that he found clue. He gives the cloth to dry clean staff. That staff says to Veer that this cloth belongs to Surat Singh. Veer, Vikram and Birju leaves the house to find Rani. Veer asks Surat Singh about Rani. Surat Singh agrees to tell the truth. Kidnapper video calls Veer and beats Rani. Veer warns him to not hurt Rani. Kidnapper says Veer did wrong by trying to catch him.

Episode ends.