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The episode begins with Rani was searching her pen in kitchen to fill her college admission form and sees someone roaming in the hall and says seems like that person is thief that’s why he hided his face with shawl and decides to attack him and approach him from behind. She attacks him then shocks seeing Veer. He scolds her for beating him and asks what’s her problem. She says he is the one who roamed here like a thief so it’s his mistake and asks what is he doing here.

He refuses to answer her and asks why she is calling him as theif and asks from which angle he looks like a thief. She says he was hiding his face with shawl that’s why she suspected him. He says no one should know that he is sleeping in guest room that’s why he did that. He says he did it to avoid drama but when she is here how can he avoid drama and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to take her pen and asks why he is sleeping here.

He says Kiara is sleeping in his room and he can’t share room with her that’s why. She feels happy hearing him. He tells her to go. She says door is not opening. He blames her again. She shouts for help and Veer closes her mouth then scolds her for shouting. She struggles to breathe and signals him to take his hand. He realises that what she is saying and takes his hand back. He says if she shout like this then Malini may hear her because she is sleeping in beside room only. She says that’s why she was shouting. He gets irritated while scolding her he talks like her.

She starts to laugh and says she stucked here because of his mistake. He tells her to stay silent and explains the situation to her. Kiara wakes Vikram and asks him about Veer. He says he will be in study room. She says he is not there and asks him to help her to find Veer. Rani asks how to go out now. He says he is thinking and tells her to stay silent. He notices admission form and recalls Ramadheer’s words and scolds her for not submitting the form yet. He lectures her about studies and says seems like she doesn’t want to become engineer.

She mocks him and tells him to call Vikram and he will help her. Veer calls Vikram and says he and Rani stucked in guest room and tells him to open the door. Vikram smiles hearing him and acts like he didn’t hear anything and says network is not working and disconnects the call. Vikram lies to Kiara that Veer would have went to hospital for any emergency case and goes to sleep.

Rani, Veer tries to open the door but fails in all the attempts. Rani goes to sleep on sofa and tells him to sleep on bed. She says seems like he wants to tell her something. He says she would have hurted with whatever happening in this house. She expresses her pain and fear to him. He gets emotional hearing her.

Episode ends.