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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer goes with Rajeshwari leaving Rani

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Episode begins with Rani refuse to stop Birju. Veer says to her that if she won’t stop Birju today then it will create rift between her and Birju. She says to him that she won’t listen him today. Kiara stops Birju and asks him that where is he going instead of staying with Rani. He thinks he is staying silent for Rani otherwise he would have revealed the truth to her. She says to him that Rani needs him now and if he left then with whom she can share her problems and happiness.

He thinks Rani won’t take care of herself and she needs him definitely. He decides to stay for Rani and informs Kiara about his decision and goes inside. Jai smiles hearing him and thinks he has to execute his plans as soon as possible. Kiara thinks to give gift to Birju otherwise he may curse her and Veer.

Rani talks to herself saying that Birju always creates problem whenever he comes. Birju comes there and says to her that he knows that he did mistake but she also knows that how he reacts when it’s about her life. He promises to her saying that he won’t repeat his mistake again. She refuse to forgive him so he tries to tickle her and she forgives him.

Veer comes there and says to Rani that he is glad that she patch up with Birju. She says to him that she told to Birju clearly that she won’t hear a single word against him. He smiles hearing her and gives her college admission fee form to her and asks her to fill it saying that he will submit it.

Kiara hears Rani’s laughing noise and wonders with whom she is talking to. Veer and Rani hides behind the curtain hearing Kiara’s voice. Kiara moves towards them and before she sees them Vikram takes her out with him. He says to her that Rani is in the room with her husband and tells her to not disturb them.

Veer tells Rani to fill the form. She was about to write Ramadheer’s name after her name but he stops her saying that now she is his wife so she should write his name. She realises her mistake and writes Veer’s name after her name. She shocks seeing the college fee and says to him that with this 10 lakhs her whole village people can become engineer. He says to her that she is daughter in law of Rajavat family so 10 lakhs is nothing in front of her dream. She says to him that it’s really huge amount and it’s her dream so she won’t take others help and asks him to understand her. He looks at her proudly.

Champa curses Jai for spoiling her vacation. He says to her that he also wanted to enjoy in Goa after spoiling Rani and Veer’s relationship. He notices that Veer giving books to Rani and plans to do something. Veer informs Rani that government introduced one entrance exam and she can get scholarship if she topped in that exam then.

Episode ends.