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The episode begins with Malini tells Veer to apply vermillion on Kiara’s forehead and says she is his wife only so he need not to feel shy. Veer hesitates then lifts his hand but Rajeshwari stops him saying he can’t apply vermillion on Kiara’s forehead. Malini asks why Rajeshwari saying this when Kiara is Veer’s wife.

Rajeshwari says in Rajavat’s family a husband never fills his wife’s forehead with vermillion. She tells Kiara to go to her room and come back for pooja after filling her forehead with vermillion. Rajavat’s family gets relieved and Rani looks at Rajeshwari. Rajmata says Rajeshwari did right thing by stopping Veer on time. Rajeshwari says she did this for Kiara not for Rani because already so much happened with Kiara because of them so she can’t let her suffer more.

Kiara gets pissed off hearing her. Rajeshwari says Rajmata sympathize Rani so much but she can’t tolerate her as maid too and promises Kiara that she won’t let anything bad happen to her. Kiara thanks her for thinking about her this much and thinks she lost the chance today but one day Veer has to fill her forehead with vermillion. Kumud gives Dikvijay’s medicine to him. He tells her to look after Nanthini’s engagement preparations. She says Rani is such a mature girl so she will handle it and says seeing how Rajeshwari stopped Veer today, seems like her heart melting for Rani and hopes that everything will be fine.

He says she misunderstood everything and says the way Rajeshwari didn’t accepted Veer till now, she won’t accept Rani too. She tells him to talk to Rajeshwari to know what she is thinking. Rajeshwari questions Kumud and Dikvijay lies to her saying they were just talking about medicine schedule. Kiara sees Rani’s college admission form and suggests her to give up on her dream because she already got everything by becoming Veer’s wife and also brings the topic of she spending night with Veer in guest room. She was about to tore the application form to punish her and Rani pleads her to not do like that.

Veer stops Kiara and scolds her for playing with Rani’s future. Kiara tries to defend herself by lying to him but he doesn’t believe her and tells her to return the application form to Rani. Malini says Veer can’t talk to his wife like this in front of maid and asks how can he support Rani going against Kiara. Malini decides to talk to Rajeshwari and Rajmata.

Jay stops her and asks what she wants to talk to them. Malini says she saw Rani, Veer coming out of the guest room together and now also Veer supported Rani going against Kiara. Rajeshwari comes there and asks why she is angry now. Malini asks her what is she hiding from her.

Veer says he will tell the truth and was about to say that Rani is his wife but Rani interrupts saying she is Ramadheer’s daughter who worked here for years and Veer was scolding her not Kiara because she forget to fill her college admission form and she is working here on behalf of her father so Veer cares about her studies and tells her to not misunderstand Veer. Malini apologize to Veer. Later Veer scolds her for lying. Rajeshwari warns Veer to not repeat the mistake he was about to do few minutes back and tells him to stay silent for Nanthini.

Episode ends.