The episode begins with Rani sees her bangles on the table which Rajmata gave to her and wonders how it came here and takes it. Kiara asks where is she taking those bangles. Rani says Rajmata gave this to her, she doesn’t know how it came here so going to keep it in safe place. Kiara says it belongs to this house’s daughter in law not Rani and currently she is daughter in law of this house so she will wear them. Rani opposes her. Kiara says no one accepted her in this house so she can’t wear them and asks her to help her to wear them. Rani asks her to wear them by herself.

Rajeshwari yells at Rani and tells her to help Kiara to wear those bangles. Kiara says Rani may feel bad but she doesn’t have any other choice and apologize to her. Rajeshwari praises Kiara for her selfless behaviour and taunts Rani. Rani tries to wear those bangles on Kiara’s hand but because of size it’s not fitting her. Kiara tells her to try again and those bangles breaks. She blames Rani for that and tells her to clean the broken pieces.

While cleaning Rani hurts her finger and Veer comes to help her. Rani cries in pain and Veer treats her wound. Rajeshwari and Kiara see everything standing there. Veer recalls his marriage and everything which happened after that. Malini comes there and says Veer is a diamond who cares about servants also this much and says Rajeshwari is lucky to get a son like her. Veer says Rani is not servant of this house but his wife. Malini shocks and looks at Rajeshwari angrily.

Rajeshwari apologize to her and says she will explain everything to her. Malini says Rajeshwari deceived them and started the relationship with lie and by doing this she insulted her. Rani tries to speak but Rajeshwari yells at her. Rajmata requests Malini to listen her once. Malini goes from there and Jay follows him. Veer tells Rajeshwari to understand him that it was necessary to tell the truth and was about to apologize to her but she stops him and leaves from there.

Jay tries to convince Malini. Rani comes there. Malini says she is not ready to listen another lie. Rani apologize to her for everything. Malini says she wants answers not apology and says she never thought that Rajeshwari will deceive her like this. Rani says it was destiny’s mistake not Rajeshwari’s and explains how Veer married her to save her life but Rajeshwari didn’t accepted her as daughter in law of this house and it was not her mistake because she expected daughter in law according to her status.

She says Rajeshwari did everything for Nanthini and pleads her to understand her. Veer apologize to Rajeshwari and says it was really hard for him to live with this lie. She was about to slap him but Dikvijay stops her. She says he hurted her again. Veer says he deserves her punishment for hurting her. She says she has to convince Malini now and if Nanthini’s marriage broke because of him then she will cut all ties with him.

Episode ends.