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Episode begins with Rani tells Veer that she is going to give the money to Rajmata because Rajeshwari refused to take it. Veer wonders that what the latter hiding from him. She asks him that is he fine. He asks her that what else the latter want to say. She tells him that she did assignment for factory so she didn’t went college for last two days. He thinks that she didn’t lie to him and informs her that her friend also said that the latter didn’t went to college.

He tells her that he didn’t suspect her and won’t do in the future too. He asks her to check the notes which her friend brought and leaves from there. She thinks that she is glad that she saw her friend leaving but she feels gulity for lying to Veer. She knows that Veer won’t agrees with her plan that’s why she is hiding the truth from him.

On the other hand, Suraj tells Vijaya that he want to go to dinner with Rani. She asks him that will Rani agree for this. He gets angry hearing her. She assures him saying that she will make Rani agree. Meanwhile Rani asks Rajavat’s to say that what they wants because she is going to market. Everyone gives their list. Kajri tells Rani that with their budget they can’t buy all this. Rani thinks that she should do something to solve this money problem.

Vijaya thinks that Suraj become crazy in Rani’s love. She asks him that why the latter is interested in Rani when she is married girl. He tells her that he don’t care about it. He asks her to convince Rani to go out with him otherwise he will commit suicide. She gets afraid and tells him that everything will happen according to his wish. She thinks to convince Rani using money.

On the other hand, Jai asks Nanthini to bring his mobile. She comes out of the room with his mobile and Champa makes her fall. Nanthini falls down and drops the mobile too. He takes the mobile and scolds her for breaking it. She tells him that it was not her mistake and she takes Champa’s name. He asks her to not drag Champa into this. She tells him that it’s Champa who made her fall. He slaps her. She tells him that she won’t live with him and moves from there. Jai and Champa shocks seeing Rajeshwari and Vikram entering the house.

Rani thinks that she won Vijaya’s trust now she should get everything from her. She learns about a plot of land and decides to get Vijaya’s signature using that plot. She reaches Rajavat mansion and tries to talk to Vijaya about plot but Suraj interrupts her. He tells her that he want to go out with her for dinner. She refuses to go with him saying that he is not her friend.

Vijaya tells her that she is also accompanying her and the latter can tell that what she want to say. He tells them that he will book table in hotel royal. Veer thanks someone for referring him for job and tells that person that he will reach hotel royal on time. Then he calls Rani but no response from other side. Rani calls back Veer and the latter asks her that what is she hiding from him.

Episode ends.