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Zee TV popular show Apna Time Bhi Aayega is ready to witness some interesting plots and dramas in the show. Earlier it’s seen that Veer blamed himself for Rani’s pain while Nandini slapped Jai. Now it will be seen that Veer will stage a drama to fool Jai but Jai will outsmart him.

Previously we have seen that, Veer blamed himself for not being able to save Rani. Ramadheer called Veer while Veer was ashamed to answer him. Jai pretended like he just got to know about Rani’s kidnap and enquired about her condition. Veer and Vikram warned him to mind his own business. Nandini slapped Jai for hurting Veer and asked him to release Rani. Jai brainwashed her and Nandini gave him 5 lakhs. Jai gave it to Champa to keep her shut. Veer tried to inform Rajeshwari about Rani’s kidnap but he was able to do so. A furious Birju took matters in his hands and threatened them with gun.

In the future episodes we will witness, Veer will calm Birju and will have an alternate plan to fool the kidnapper. Rani will try to escape but will get caught soon. Veer, Birju, Vikram and Vijay will stage an act and will pretend to kidnap Rajeshwari from jail. Rajeshwari will learn about Rani’s kidnap. Later Jai will call Veer and will lie that Rani escaped from him to put them in trouble.

Will Veer manage to save Rani? Will Nandini reveal the truth about Jai?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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