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Zee TV popular show Apna Time Bhi Aayega is ready to witness some interesting plots and dramas in the show. Earlier it’s seen that Veer plotted against the kidnapper Jai outsmarted him. Now it will be seen that Veer will blame himself for Rani’s pain while Nandini will slap Jai.

Previously we have seen that, Jai video called Veer and beat up Rani. Veer got devastated and planned a plot against kidnapper. Nandini on the other hand, asked Jai to leave Rani but Jai did not budge. Champa threatened Jai to say the truth if he doesn’t pay her. Veer and Vikram struggled to rescue Rani and Rajeshwari simultaneously. Veer tricked kidnapper saying that Rani needed to get her shot else she would die. Kidnapper asked Veer to come alone and he goes. Digvijay learned about Rani’s kidnap but Veer assured him to bring her back. Jai’s men blindfolded Veer’s eyes before taking him to Rani. Veer met with Rani and tried to fight the goons but Jai knocked him down. Nandini got angered seeing Veer hurt.

In the future we will witness, Veer will blame himself for not being able to save Rani. Ramadheer will call Veer while Veer will be ashamed to answer him. Jai will pretend like he just got to know about Rani’s kidnap and will enquire about her condition. Veer and Vikram will warn him to mind his own business. Nandini will slap Jai for hurting Veer and will ask him to release Rani. Jai will brainwash her and Nandini will give 5 lakh to him. Jai will give it to Champa to keep her shut. Veer will try to inform Rajeshwari about Rani’s kidnap but he will not be able to do so. A furious Birju will take matter in his hands and threaten them with gun.

Will Veer manage to rescue both Rani and Rajeshwari? Will Nandini reveal that Jai is the kidnapper?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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