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In today’s episode, Nikhil asks Shanky if he has seen Pallavi somewhere. Shanky says yes, she was looking for Sonali but could not find her anywhere so she left. Shanky asks Nikhil why he is worried. Nikhil says that Pallavi must be hiding something. He says that Pallavi may not need him anymore. Shanky says that Pallavi is not like that. Nikhil says that there must be some secret as Pallavi is very careful about her steps. She has made his life a puzzle. Shanky asks him to talk to Pallavi. Nikhil says that he tried 100th times. Shanky asks him to give some times to Pallavi. Nikhil says that he doesn’t have time to give.

He says that he is feeling scared as Pallavi’s secret can make his whole family land in big trouble. Badal and Manna talk to Mayank. He tells them that Sonali is his wife and soulmate both. He confronts them for tounge lashing Sonali. Badal, Manna get scared. They ask the man to not come forward. Manna tells Badal that they have to tackle the situation smartly without disturbing their grandparents as they are sleeping. Badal asks Mayank about his identity and all. Mayank spots a photoframe and asks about Nikhil. Bad says that the man in the photoframe is their father. The man gets agreesive and tries to break the photoframe using his hand.

Badal, Manna ask Mayank to leave with the photoframe. Sonali comes there and calls Mayank. Mayank tells Sonali that he has come as that man has released him. Sonali asks Mayank to go to a room and take rest. She says that she will talk to him alone. Mayank asks Sonali if Badal and Manna are troubling her and asks her about Nikhil . Sonali asks him to go to room, gets freshen up and do dressing of his wound. Mayank follows her instruction. Badal and Manna question Sonali about Mayank. Sonali says that Mayank is the brother of her friend and her face resembles with his girlfriend so he came here and did all these.

Manna tells Sonali that she is finding all these very weird. Sonali says that she is saying the truth only. Mayank asks Sonali who is misbehaving with her. Sonali asks him to not bother all these. She says sorry to them and promises to kick Mayank out soon. She goes to Mayank’s room. She tells Mayank that it’s her sister’s house so she can’t keep him there. She asks him to manage alone for sometimes. Mayank asks her to leave with him. Sonali says that she can’t stay with him as she has problem. Sonali says that her life has become hell and she doesn’t want Mayank to suffer because of her. She cries and asks him to understand her. Mayank asks her to not cry as he will do whatever she wants. Sonali asks him if anyone else knows the secret of 18th March. Mayank says that he did not tell anyone about it as he promised her.

Sonali doubts that someone knows about it and she has to find out that person. She asks him to recall if he talked to someone that day. Mayank says that he talked to his sister. Sonali asks who. Mayank says Karunika and asks Sonali to help him finding her. Sonali recalls Pallavi’s words. She gives money to Mayank and asks him to stay at a hotel. She makes him wear a shawl and asks him to leave secretly. Mayank wishes to stay with Sonali but she convinces him to leave. Sonali says that Pallavi has played a wise game but she will beat her like everytime. Badal comes to asks Sonali something. Sonali asks him to call her mother first of all. Pallavi talks to someone about Sonali over phone. She asks her to not overthink as it’s not good for her health. Nikhil comes home.

Pallavi asks him about Sonali. She realises that Nikhil is drunk. She says that Badal and Manna are at home but didn’t meet her. She asks Nikhil about Sonali’s whereabouts. Nikhil says that he doesn’t know and asks Pallavi to find it out herself. Pallavi asks him to take responsibilities of own children atleast. She criticizes him and says that she is worried for Badal and Manna. He says that his children are with his wife. He criticizes Pallavi and says that she has spoiled his and his children’s lives. He says that he is tired of her questions. Pallavi asks him to calm down. Nikhil warns her to not touch him. He says that he is waiting for Sonali to know all the truths. He wipes her tears and says that he can’t see her tears.

He questions her for hiding things from him always. Sonali arrives with Badal, Manna. Pallavi hugs Badal and Manna. Nikhil asks Sonali about what’s going on between her and Pallavi. He asks her to say the truth. Pallavi says that she will say the truth. Badal says that he will tell the truth that is Nikhil is his father and Sonali is his mother. Nikhil asks Pallavi if she knew this. Pallavi nods yes. Nickil questions Sonali. Sonali says it’s truth as they got intimate when Nickil was drunk. Nickil calls it a lie. Sonali tries hard to convince him. She says that she had to abondon Badal for his better future as she had no one’s support back then. Nikhil questions Pallavi for taking care of Badal after knowing the truth.

Pallavi says that she could not punish Badal for Nikhil’s deeds. He says that Badal is like her own son. Nikhil asks her if she wanted him to marry Sonali for this reason. Sonali says sorry to Badal for abandoning him. She says that they will stay together hereafter as they will go away together. Pallavi tells Sonali that she can’t take Badal away from her as he is her son. Sonali objects. Pallavi criticizes her. Sonali asks Pallavi to say what she knows. The episode ends.

Precap – Sonali asks Badal to pack his luggage and leave with her. She asks Pallavi in front of Badal if she felt pity on him.

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