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Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai never fails to amaze fans with its interesting twists and turns. Ruhi will plan Arman and Abhira’s divorce. Will Arman sign the papers? Find out below. 

In today’s episode, Ruhi says Abhira and Arman can’t fall in love. Manisha doubts Ruhi. Arman asks Abhira why she isn’t hiring people to do work. Abhira says this because she is not rich. Arman asks Abhira why she is adamant on returning her money. Abhira says she wants to return for herself. Arman refuses to listen to Abhira.

Abhira asks Arman to eat. Arman refuses to eat. Abhira asks Arman not to get angry with her because of money. Arman gets furious at Abhira. Abhira asks Arman not to eat. She decides to eat. Arman’s hand pain. Abhira helps Arman to eat. Arman asks Abhira why she is adamant about returning his money. Abhira explains this to Arman.

Later, Abhira decides to go live on social media to promote her resort. Arman asks Abhira to share her story with Akshara to attract guests to the resort. Abhira likes Arman’s idea. Arman decorates the resort.

Kaveri agrees to watch Abhira’s live. Madhav asks Aryan to connect the mobile with the TV. Abhira shares her best moment with Akshara at the restaurant. Arman sees Abhira as going to get hurt. He accidentally kisses Abhira. Charu says Arman kissed Abhira during the live session. Ruhi gets restless.

In the upcoming episode, Ruhi will reach Mussorie to separate Arman and Abhira. Will Arman give divorce to Abhira? Time will only tell.

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