Starring Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani in the lead show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is loved nationally and internationally.

The shows plot was such that Barun’s character Arnav Singh Raizada accidentally bumped into Sanaya’s character Khushi during a fashion show. The angry yet sexy gaze of Arnav made Khushi to lose her control and she slipped into his arms. The hate-love saga starts from there.

Arnav who don’t believe in love started falling for Khushi. Whereas, Khushi fears him a lot and keeps a distance from him. The twist in the show made Khushi’s sister Payal to marry Arnav’s cousin Akash. The alliance of the duos gets fixed and Raizada’s and Sharma’s enjoy the pre-wedding fuction of Payal and Aaksh.

During the mehendi ceremony of Payal; Khushi and her family arrives at Raizada house. Meanwhile, Khushi was asked to bring the bangle from the room. She sees the bangle at Arnav’s room and thinks to take and run from there before Arnav arrives. Khushi takes the bangle and accidentally the bangle fall in the pool. She struggles to take it out. Arnav than arrives from behind and tries to help her.

Khushi’s heart beat start beating fast and she says to Arnav that she can perform the task by her own. She takes the bangle and about to leave but feels her duppta is stuck to something. She turns around and sees Arnav holding the other end of her duppta. Khushi asks him to leave her dupatta. Arnav says to her that she can’t do anything which he does. Khushi says she can do anything. Arnav pulls Khushi closer. He again says she can’t do whatever he can. Khushi says she can and Arnav asks to put the bet. Khushi says yes and Arnav kiss her cheek much to her surprise. Arnav’s challenge stuns Khushi and she ran away from there.

Well, this Arnav Khushi moment was beautiful and breathtaking and we just can’t resist ourselves from drooling over the couple.

Ahead, Khushi completes the challenge by kissing Arnav back. During Payal’s haldi ceremony Khushi brings the turmeric paste for Akash. She was excitedly kissing Manorama, Nani and Anjali. And lastly, she ended by accidentally kissing Arnav.

So that’s how Khushi completed the challenge given by Arnav. Anjali got a chance to tease Arnav while Shyam who lost his heart to Khushi felt jealous. But all in all these both the moments have audiences heart.

Right from cute-banter to passionate moment; ARSHI in the same frame freezes the screen with their mind blowing performance.

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