After impressing the audience with his performance in his debut film Jia Aur Jia, Arslan Goni worked on the web series Main Hero Bol Raha Hun. The actor got noticed for his short film Mystery Man. There was much talk about his nude scene in it.
“I did Mystery Man after Jia Aur Jia. Vibha Singh, the director of Mystery Man, called me one day and said that she has a script for a short film where I fit in perfectly. She told me that this is a story of a guy suffering from multiple personality disorder, who is sent on a mission and is tortured brutally when he gets caught,” he says.

Talking about all the attention his nude scene got, we ask Arslan whether he was comfortable performing it and he is quick to answer, “I’m an actor and I go as per the script. As an artist, I don’t have any inhibitions, and I will do it again if required. Before the actual shooting started we were contemplating whether it would be a nude scene or not. The film was shot in 12 hours and I was sitting wearing my underwear shooting another scene when I decided to go with the flow. So I removed it and shot this nude scene. It got okayed in one take. I am happy that the film got appreciated and was nominated for a few awards too.”

Arslan is “hungry for good scripts”.  He adds, “Content is the king. Give me a good story and I am ready to go at any length and give my best.”

Sharing his opinion on the short film boom, he says, “Short films are a good way to tell a story. They were always made but got more highlighted during the pandemic as lots of people started watching as well as making short films from home. Short films can be made quickly, budgets are controlled and it is easy to find a platform for them. One can watch short films even on a mobile and it gives an opportunity to showcase your talent as well. Saying more in a limited time frame requires a lot of creativity. While making a short film one has to successfully give out the right message, be particular about storytelling and it should have the right ingredients to connect with the audience.”