Started the career as a child actress, Aurra Bhatnagar is giving tough competition to the great talents out there. She is out shinning in the show Anupama after Rupali Ganguly.

Actress Aurra rose to fame playing the character of Bondita in the Barrister Babi show. On public demand, she returned in the sequel to Barrister Babu. The character Bondita has earned Aurra lifelong fame. But sometimes actors need to break their own records to reach new heights.

The character Bondita was way different from what Aurra is currently playing. In the show Anupama, Aurra is given the character of Aadya, who is going through a childhood trauma and lots of negative emotions. She is basically a spoil brat sometimes and sometimes acts sensible.

Aurra is bringing life to Aadya with her talented acting skills. The recent episodes focus on Aadya. Aadya hates her mother, Anupama, and has demanded that her father marry another girl. Shruti has brought light and happiness into Aadya’s life. Anupama’s re-entry has distracted Aadya. She has confessed to hating Anupama because of her traumatic childhood. Aadya has refused to forgive Anupama. In the episode, Shruti met with an accident. Aadya is sensitive towards Shruti. She blames Anupama.

The current performance by Aurra as Aadya is spellbound. The audience is connecting well with the character. They are looking forward to more brilliant acting by the artist in the show Anupama.

Show Anupama is also known as the Rupali Ganguly Show. After Aurra’s entry, the show has become more engaging.

Aurra is complementing Rupali in the show. There is intensity in the acting of both actors. Rupali and Aurra’s scenes are powerful as mother and daughter. The audience is surely loving to hate the characters as per the current plot.

The loyal viewers of the show also like Gaurav Khanna’s performance.

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About Anupama:

Anupama is produced by Rajan Shahi. The show is the journey of a housewife, ‘Anupama’. 

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