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Episode starts with Vandana constantly misses her husband. She also fathoms something special in her behaviour but hesitates to express it to Kunal. Vandana arranges a special meeting so that she could open her heart to her husband Kunal. Vani comes into her room and gives a beautiful ring as a gift. Vani also suggests her to captivate Kunal by her love and passion, so that they could lead a peaceful and composed life.

Vandana understands her point and makes a beautiful plan for the date. Sending a particular location, Vandana invites Kunal to come in a particular place. Following the address Kunal reaches to the location, and gets surprised seeing the decoration of the place. Being mesmerized, Kunal asks Vandana why did she ask him to come here. Vandana melts like a ice but she couldn’t say anything to Kunal. Kunal understands her feelings but pretends as if he couldn’t able to understand it. Vandana is requested to open her heart. She couldn’t able to hide it anymore and hugs Kunal very tightly.

Embracing her husband, Vandana expresses how much she loves Kunal. Saying I Love You, Vandana gets melted between his melted. Kunal also expresses that he also loves her. Coming closer Kunal and Vandana both start loving each other. But these all are the imagination of Vandana, she couldn’t stop thinking of Kunal anymore. She calls Kunal to know her present location but Kunal empathetically asks Vandana to come asap.

Coming in the Malhotra house, she becomes flabbergasted seeing Bobby who get hitched with Mrunal. Pammi rushes to her and lashes out for the marriage. Vandana is blamed as if she manipulated Mrunal to marry Bobby. Vandana couldn’t able to say a word.

Episode ends.

Precap : Vandana will confront Bobby as he disobey the elders to marry Mrunal. She will totally thunderstrucked seeing them together. As Bobby will break the trust of family, everyone will burst out their anger and irritation towards them. Kunal will get very offended since Vandana will fail to keep her promise. He will even try to separate Bobby and Mrunal.

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th February 2024 Written Update: Vandana falls in love with Kunal