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Episode starts with Bani’s family introducing her to Rajat’s family. One by one Rajat’s family introduces themselves to Bani. All of them love Bani and praise the couple. Both the families complete the initial rasams and bless everyone. Bani apologises to Rajat’s mother saying there is no ac in their house. Rajat’s bua gifts Bani an earring and hugs her. Bani tells Rajat that his family is very sweet so he says that it’s her family now since her family is his now and vice versa.

After coming back home, Rajat’s family says that Bani’s family is so good and they must start the preparations for the marriage immediately but Rajat’s father says that they must wait for sometime. His bua insists they get Rajat married soon before she leaves for Canada again. Bani’s mother calls someone and asks if they got Cherry’s msg or call. Rajat’s father comes and asks her to not have these fake wishes since he is not going to come and get Mannat treated or attend Bani’s wedding so she must get rid of these false hopes.

Rajat’s father calls Mr.Arora and says that the wedding is in one week.He says they would have to just send Bani with two sets of clothes since they don’t need to worry about anything. Charan and Arora get worried hearing all these. Rajat gets worried and says no venues are available and they are planning the wedding. His bua says that they need not worry since she has already talked to her brother in law and arranged for the wedding venue and says Rajat just needs to decorate the place. Rajat’s father calls Arora and informs him about the venue and says they need not worry about a thing at all.

Bani gets tense and asks her parents how they would prepare for the wedding in such a short time. His father assures that she has come with her fortune and they need not worry about anything since Rajat’s family will handle everything and the venue is Rajat’s bua’s own place. Bani thinks that in one way it is good that the marriage happens soon since only then would she be able to get Rajat treated. Her friend says that she is so lucky that she will be getting married in such a rich family and that her life would be set from now on. Bani blushes.

Rajat’s mother looks tense and says she wonders in which room would Bani and Rajat stay after the marriage and says if Shilpa and Gaurav adjust for some time then it would be great. Shilpa strictly says that nothing like that is going to happen. She takes Gaurav inside to talk. Bani reaches the given address to check Rajat’s house since she has been called by her mother in law for some measurements. She sees a different bungalow and mistakes it for Rajat’s house seeing a board kept nearby. Episode ends.

Precap : Bani to be surprised seeing the imitation jewellery.

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