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Episode begins with Varun informing Shashi that he got the papers and it’s inside Sara’s bag. Shashi scolds him so Varun says she won’t even notice. Shashi says let’s go meet the manager. Varun says Priya was going to meet Manager but Ishan helped me as Priya got ill. Shashi says let’s see if the manager agrees to us or not.

Here, Priya and Ram come down. Adi says we should consult a doctor. Priya says no I am fine. Shivi and Akki get excited. Priya says let’s do the announcement. Ram says yes, I am bit nervous. Nandini says tell fast Ram. Priya says wait where are Ishan and Varun? Ishan says I am here, dad has gone to bring medicines for Priya. Ram says I want to announce that Priya is pregnant. Everyone starts getting excited and plan for baby. Priya is shocked and tries to tell everyone when Krish makes fun of Priya. Priya makes everyone silent and says I am not pregnant. Ram says but you said? Priya says when did I? Nandini says really? I thought someone new is coming to the family, see the doctor is here so do the check up. Nandini whispers to Shubham if he knew Ram and Priya were planning a baby and how this is different to her plan. Doctor says Priya is suffering from food poisioning. Ram says how can that happen she just ate chocolate cake. Priya says fish. Ram says where will fish come from? Shivi says I made like the recipe said, it was a fusion cake. Akki says there is no fusion cake with fish. Meera says if you knew it has fish why did you eat it whole? Priya says if I didn’t eat it then Ram would have eaten it and fallen ill and infact you all. Ram says so you ate it all. Krish says we need to go. Ram says I need to go.

Here, Shashi and Varun are stopped by a waiter who says I will inform Ram that you both have come. Ram goes to meet Santosh. Shashi and Varun hide. The vase falls. Ram turns to see. Ram closes the door. Ram says I have to ask you about my dad, Virender Kapoor. Adi, Krish and Priya see this on the screen. Priya prays that Ram gets all the answers. Adi asks her to sit. Santosh says I was expecting your wife. Ram says I m here, your new boss, I know you have the answers. Santosh says Priya was saying… Ram throws some papers at him. Santosh checks his daughter’s admission form. Ram says this may remind you of my dad, I want all my answers, you know what I want, answer me.

Krish says good going, ask him the truth, you have to be strong, just this man can tell us everything. Nandini and Shubham come. she asks did he say anything. Priya says not yet. Adi asks Priya to have the medicine. Santosh says I met your dad when I was young, he got my dad jailed, he took care of us, he was a good man, we got the news of his death, we didn’t know who will raise us, then Shashi and his dad came to meet. Ram asks what did they say. Santosh says Sahil got my dad out of the jail, he told me the truth of your dad. Ram asks him to say. Santosh says your dad was using my dad, he was making this resort illegally. Ram says stop this nonsense, who asked you to say this. Nandini says he is lying.

Krish says I think someone reached here before us. He asks Ram to relax and ask Santosh for the proof. Ram asks the proof. Santosh asks him to talk to the politician, your dad had gifted him a land in Mumbai, how would he get so much money, you don’t know your dad, I used to hate your dad thinking he is a criminal, but your dad was a big criminal. Krish asks Ram to relax, ask him to complete. Santosh says Kumar was also his partner, Sahil got to know their truth, Virender came here to hide his black deeds. Ram asks did you know this, I have a proof about your dad paying the people, Kumar and Sahil had that company. Santosh says your dad used to sign the bank documents. Priya asks why did Shashi pay the goons. Ram asks why did Shashi pay the goons till now. Santosh says Sahil worried for you all, he was regretting that he couldn’t bring Virender on the right path. Ram says don’t go on my family, where was Sahil when the accident happened. Santosh says he was with my family at my home, then he got the call about the accident, goons would have done this with whom Virender had the illegal deals, such goons don’t disclose anything, my dad said that a clever politician gifted him the car. Ram says my dad took a loan to buy that car, I know, you are defaming my dad, you should be ashamed. Santosh says I will give you the proof, I m not lying, I swear on my children. Nandini says he is lying, Virender was honest, he made everything by hardwork. She cries. Adi says I knew uncle well, this man is lying. Krish asks Priya about his brother in law, who works in bank. Priya asks where did Ram go. Krish asks Ram can you hear me. He says he disconnected, but he would be in resort.

Varun says thank god we got saved. Shashi recalls how they got saved by him pretending to call Ram infront of Waiter. Varun distracts the waiter. Shashi calls Santosh instead and asks him to say Ram what he will tell him. Varun and Shashi smirk on how Ram is miserable now. Krish and Priya try finding Ram, they find the earpiece of Ram and worry. Adi comes and says how Santosh had fled and how Virender is not like that. Krish says but Ram is conflicted right now.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya says to Ram she knows something and faints.

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th May 2022 Written Update: Varun gets caught red handed by Sara!