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The episode starts with Tani asking Gouri if she is supposed to call Deva here who would give the proof that she rejected him when he expressed his love to her. Tani and Bua ask Gouri to stay away from Veer and focus only on Deva. As they leave the room, Gouri cries and tells Kaveri that there’s nothing between her and Veer now. She begs her to trust her.

Kaveri says that no matter what people say, she knows the truth that there’s nothing like this. She calms down Gouri and consoles her. She says that Tani is not a good match for Veer and whenever he must be looking at Tani he must be feeling destroyed. She said that she knows very well how a woman feels when one has to share her love or partner with another person because this is something very painful and impossible. She looks at Shekhar’s photo and then cries. Gouri and Kaveri console each other.

Deva ponders about what Gouri said to him. He feels like Gouri is right since no woman would love a person like him who’s a drunkard, never respects women, threatens people, etc. He looks at the mirror and says to himself angrily that he has come alone and will live alone like before. Agni is seen sitting for some yagna at Tandav Baba’s place. Deva apologises to Gouri for saying all the things that he did before. She says that there’s no need to say sorry for saying things that are there in one’s heart. She says that he needs to apologise to his mother who is hurt. Deva says that he would die but won’t apologise to that woman.

Deva says she isn’t his mother but she ruined his life. Gouri keeps on asking what is the reason behind him hating his mother so much. He says he has an answer but can’t answer her. She says that maybe the truth is that he doesn’t want to answer and that he doesn’t know how to respect a woman. Deva shouts in anger and tells her the story of why he is so annoyed with his mother. He says that when he was seven years old, one day he came back home and was rushing towards his mother to tell her what all happened in the school. He saw his mother with another man in a compromised position and since then he hates her since Sudarshana cheated his father. As Deva was drunk he passes away while blabbering so Gouri makes him lie down on the couch and then consoles him.

As he falls asleep, Gouri gets to see Simba in the haveli. It is actually Agni in Simba’s avatar. Baghin goes out to meet Simba and asks why he brought her here. Suddenly a smoke arrives and Agni appears in Simba’s place. She asks him about Simba so he says that he is Simba himself. He chose Simba to seek revenge from her. Baghin roars in anger realising he killed her brother. Episode ends.

Precap : Gouri and Agni would be seen having a fighting.

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Baghin 12th April 2024 Written Update: Gouri asks Deva to not expect anything from her.