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The episode starts with, Tandav Baba coming to the Haveli. Agni mocks him as he comes in but Shekhar stops him and takes hom inside. Agni asks Deva if Gouri consumes healthy stuff like milk anf almond since when Gouri pushed him, he hit the wall 4ft away deva says that he must have gotten very high. He requests Agni to stop discussion on this topic. Gouri stands still in the kitchen looking upset. Kaveri asks what’s the matter so she says that the gwo brothers Deva and Veer are keep on toggling with her all the time which gets on her nerves and makes her confused as what to do. She cries while saying all this so Kaveri asks her not to worry and says she would talk to the brothers so that they don’t bother her.

Tandav Baba sees Shamsher and says something very bad must have happened in this house. He asks Samsher to give him some sign as to who has done this. As he stares at Gouri, Agni stands beside her. So Tandav baba says that as he is looking at Agni, he mist have surely done something. Agni says he is his elder brother so he can’t even think of do anything to him. Tandav baba says thar whatever has happened with Shamsher would happen with Agni now since he thinks he witnessed Baghin’s shadow in the haveli.

Agni shows Sajjan Singh’s uniform star to Shekhar and says that this means Sajjan Singh had been here at the Haveli and he doubts that their elder brother saw witnessed him being a hunt of Baghin that caused this attack and paralysis. Shekhar asks for some remedy from Tandav baba do he gives him some pious strings and asks him to keep it at evwry corner of the Haveli. Later seeing Gouri, Baba asks who this woman is. Kaveri says that she is Deva’s wife. Baba was supposed to be Veer’s wife since Matarani made their match. Kaveri says due to some reasons Deva got married to her. Tandav baba says that this can’t be possible.

Kitty says sh has solution for this mystery. She brings the video that she made on the day of the puja that woukd reveal the truth. They get to see a man in yellow kurta above whom the chunni fell first before Veer. They don’t get to recognise the man but Deva says that it was him in the yellow kirta. Tandav baba says that Deva and Gouri are made for each other. Deva says that he doesn’t know all of this all he knows is that Gouri and Veer love each other so he would give a divorce to Gouri and back off. Shekhar tears off the papers and says from today no one would talk about divorce in this house now.

Later Gouri wonders how can this match be Matarani’s blessing. Even Deva thinks how can curse like him be a blessing for Gouri. The party chairperson tells Shekhar that seeing the situation of condition of Shamsher, it is evident that he can’t fight the election and even he does, he won’t be able to manage the party work. Deva comes in and says suggests his own name for the election fight. Adhyaksha says that he is not fot for the election. He asks the chairperson to keep the ticket ready. She says she is ready to do anything for the win of the election so she agrees. Episode ends.

Precap : Agni to chase Gouri.

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Baghin 29th March 2024 Written Update: Gouri takes care of Deva.