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In the latest episode, Tani wakes up Veer hearing a gunshot. They come out of their room to check what’s wrong. Deva says that Agni fired at someone who has entered the Haveli. They start looking for the intruder. Agni wonders if the person is hiding in Kitty’s room so they go to her room to check.

Tani notices Kitty staring at the cupboard time and again so she doubts her and opens it. She finds Kitty’s friend sitting inside so she realises that she had been partying with her friend. She saves Kitty by closing the cupboard again.

Sudarshana is seen bringing Shekhar to her room. Shekhar asks if she is out of her mind that she brought him from in front of Kaveri. He says that since Kaveri is very good she didn’t say anything. Sudarshana asks him not to praise Kaveri in front of her. Shekhar asks her what’s wrong with her and why has she suddenly decided to contest the election.

She asks Shekhar if he doesn’t try to make Deva understand not to contest the election, she would think that he doesn’t love her at all. Shekhar hugs her and asks her to never utter anything like this ever and assures that he would talk to Deva while consoling her.

Gouri comes out of her room to hunt. Agni speaks to someone over the phone when Gouri comes and stands beside him in her new avatar. Agni asks what she is doing here. Gouri says that she is his death. She turns into Baghin that scares Agni and he runs to Tandav baba to save him. Tandav Baba and Gouri have a confrontation in front of Agni.

Would Gouri and Baghin be able to seek their revenge from Agni? To know what happens to Agni, keep watching Baghin.