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In the latest episode, Veer wakes up and regains his senses. He wonders what he did with Gouri last night. He feels guilty and tense. He keeps on calling Gouri but fails to find her. He hurriedly gets out to find Gouri not knowing that he is a victim of Tani’s plot.

Shamsher’s mother reminds him about his father distributing the back land of the mandir years back. She says he had a big heart. Shamsher says he wishes he had a sane mind too. He tensely talks about his father selling off such big portions of land. Deva overhears this wonders even after having so much land of their own why are they in such a financial crisis.

As Veer comes back with Gouri, Tani asks where Gouri has been. Veer tries to cover up. He says that he took away Gouri to talk to her and spend some time. While Gouri’s bua keeps Veer budy in her words, Tani leaks his bike tires. Gouri remains silent all this while.

Deva tries to warn Veer about Tani but he doesn’t seem to pay any attention. He calls Deva inside but Deva asks him to go inside and get some rest and they would talk later. He wonders what must be the issue that’s bothering him so much. Shamsher is seen searching for some documents. Next morning Deva asks for the land papers from the villagers. He reminds them that they have been given a place to stay by his grandfather. He asks them to stay at the back of the mandir. Gouri comes and says no one would leave their houses.

In the next episode, Gouri would be seen confronting Deva. To know what happens next, keep watching Baghin.