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In the latest episode, Gouri is seen repenting for her father’s death. She thinks her father died because of her as she recalls Bua’s words. She keeps on repeating that she is a killer and she killed her father. Veer stops her and says that someone else killed his father and this is a murder seeing a mark on his neck that shows clearly that someone has tried to choke him. Shamsher is seen having an argument with Agni for killing Bhagat.

As Shamsher calls Veer and asks him to come back, he says that they need to call the police since this is a planned murder . He says that the criminal must be punished for sure. Veer informs Durjan about the murder so he comes to investigate. He sees Bhagat’s neck and says that this is not murder since the mark is of towel. He would find the same mark on different people’s neck in the village. He has been bribed by Shekhar.

Deva and his men find Baghin in the jungle. Baghin comea near the mandir and sees everything. She has witnessed Bhagat’s mirder. Veer says that there is a possibility that Bhagat has been killed or he got choked so his body needs to be sent for post mortem. So he asks Durjan to take away Bhagat’s body for post mortem but the villagers don’t allow this. Deva gets to know that Baghin is still alive. He is called by Agni to visit the temple for Bhagat’s last rites.

In the next episode, Gouri would be blaming Deva for Bhagat’s murder. What would happen next? Would there be another chaos? Would Deva be able to find Baghin Rani? To know more, keep watching Baghin and stay tuned to this space.