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The episode starts with Anand trying to make Kanku smile by offering her chocolate to eat. He asks her about her first meeting with Madhav. Kanku narrates the incident which had happened at school. Jigar overhears their conversation from far. Kanku cries and says she doesn’t want to get married and wants to stay with Madhav. Anand suggests her to leave house and go to Madhav. Kanku says its a good idea and she is sure Anandi will also help them. Anandi comes there and says she won’t allow Kanku to run away.

Anandi tells once she had done same mistake and her parents explained her its wrong so she won’t allow Kanku to do the same. Anand and Kanku try to explain Anandi but she warns them that if they proceed with the plan she will inform everyone at home. Jigar feels happy and thinks finally Anandi and Anand are against each other. He thinks to use this as an opportunity to make Anand look bad in eyes of everyone. Mehul asks Bhairavi why she looks upset. She tells about Kanku’s marriage talks.

Bhairavi requests Mehul to talk to Premji and try to stop this marriage. Anand enters and overhears their conversation. He thinks he is doing right by supporting Kanku to save her life and happiness. However Mehul suggests Bhairavi that they will leave soon and should not interfere in their family matters. Later Devali is passing from hall and hears Anandi talking aloud. She goes and sees Anandi talking to her doll and consoling it not to cry. Devali asks what she is doing. Anandi says that Shona (her doll) is being forced to get married by her parents and so she is unhappy. Devali says that parents understand better and when she grows she will realize everything is for her benefit.

Bhairavi and Mehul overheard everything and Bhairavi feels happy seeing Anandi’s efforts for Kanku. Anandi goes to meet Kanku and tells her to call Madhav at home so that he can tell everyone about them. Kanku makes excuses and says he is out of phone and his phone is not working. Anandi thinks her plan failed and requests Kanku not to think of running from home. While Kanku is packing her bag, Jigar comes there and pretends to be with her. He makes her believe he is helping her.

At night, Jigar tells Anand that he is also with them and makes Anand blurt all the plan. He tells that after school, Kanku won’t return back but will leave with Madhav and they have already planned everything. Then Jigar goes and sits in hall coughing badly. When Anandi hears him and comes there, he talks sweetly and makes her believe he is also worried about Kanku. The episode ends with Jigar thinking it will be fun to insult Anand when he gets caught helping Kanku to run away from home.