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At the beginning of the episode, Anand sees Jigar troubling Anandi. Jigar pays attention to Anand and leaves Anandi. Anandi runs away. Here Madiba asks Bhervi that Why she didn’t tell them about Diya’s engagement earlier. Bhervi tells that Diya met Vikrant 1 month back. She expressed her wish that she wanted to marry him. So she thought of getting them engaged. Further, Anand comes there and takes blessings from Madiba. Bhervi asks him if he met Jigar and Anandi. He answers in no. Then only Jigar and Anandi come there.

Anand is happy to see Anandi. He greets her. Anandi tries to talk to him but Jigar holds her hand. Next, Jigar gets a call from someone. He leaves from there. Anand asks Anandi if she is okay as he saw that she is feeling uncomfortable with Jigar. Anandi is about to say something. However, Jigar comes there and tells Anand to stay away from Anandi as now she doesn’t like him. Anand tells that if Anandi doesn’t like him, she herself can tell him about it.

Jigar gets infuriated. Further, Vikrant’s family comes to Anand’s house. Bhervi welcomes them. Jigar sees the girl whom he harassed this morning. He hides seeing her. After some time Anandi comes there with Diya. Anand gets mesmerized seeing Anandi. Here Jigar goes to Kiara and again misbehaves with her. Kiara goes to her brother Vikrant in anger and complains about Jigar.

Vikrant tells her to keep quiet as he cannot afford any tamasha right now. Next, the engagement ceremony begins. Kiara goes to Anand. She wants to befriend him. While Anand’s focus is on Anandi. He thinks that he has tried hard to find Anandi on social media platforms but she does not have any social media account. Kiara asks Anand where is his attention. Anand says nowhere.

Meanwhile, Jigar holds Anandi’s hand. Anandi asks him to let go of her hand. Jigar refuses. Anand notices them. He feels that there is something wrong between the two. Further, the engagement rituals are completed. Everyone dances. Anandi bumps into Anand. Anand asks her if there is any problem between her and Jigar. Anand advises him to stay away from her. Anand says she should tell this to Jigar. Later Everyone asks them to dance. While Jigar gets irritated seeing them together.

Precap: Jigar asks Anandi if she likes Anand. Anandi advises him not to talk nonsense. Jigar declares that after two days she will be his only