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The popular colors tv show Balika Vadhu is showing story of Anandi who has become a victim of child marriage. Anandi and Jigar’s innocent minds doesn’t understand Devali’s evilness and fall into her trap. Anandi reveals the whole truth to Maadi Baa due to which she gets scolded and decided to leave the house all alone.

In the previous episode Anandi shouted at Jigar because she got scolded by Maadi Baa due to his suggestion. Kanku realized it was Devali’s evil games. Maadi Baa asked family members to say the truth. Sejal and Premji explained the whole incident. They said marriage happened but kids don’t know about it. Maadi Baa got shocked and wondered how Anandi was going through so much just for happiness of elders.

Anandi packed her luggage and recalled the moments spent there and left the house alone. Sejal and Premji came to room and found Anandi was not there.
Premji came at same place as Anandi but missed to see her. Khimji called Premji to ask about notes he had sent for Anandi. Premji said he was busy and disconnected the call. Ratan got worried about Anandi. In the upcoming episodes one of the dancers from troop will get impressed by Anandi’s dance and thinks to keep her with them as she is all alone.

Will Anandi fall into another big trouble?

To know what happens next stay tuned to Balika Vadhu on colors tv and Voot app.