Banni Chow Home Delivery: Agastya (Arjit Taneja) and Tulika plays game, questions Banni, Yuvan’s (Pravisht Mishra) love

Star Plus popular daily soap Banni Chow Home Delivery is bringing interesting twist and drama.

Banni and Yuvan’s life is changing at fast pace, circumstances are going to get worse.

Banni is happy with Yuvan’s revival and how he is back, she wish to marry Yuvan now but of no use.

Agastya unveils Tulika and Kabir’s wedding truth and stops Banni’s marriage plan.

Agastya’s hook or crook to marry Banni

Agastya unveils as how Yuvan aka Kabir married Tulika and thus Banni shouldn’t think of marrying Yuvan.

Banni and Yuvan are shattered, Agastya is happy as he still has chances to have Banni.

Is this wedding of Kabir and Tulika real or Agastya, Tulika are planning this conspiracy as they have their own greedy reasons.

Tulika has started to like Kabir and Agastya has always been in love with Banni, this is a perfect opportunity for both of them.

Is it really their drama, how will Banni crack the code?

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