Banni Chow Home Delivery: Manini’s plan starts to haunt Yuvan (Pravisht Mishra), Banni’s (Ulka Gupta) married life

Star Plus popular daily soap Banni Chow Home Delivery is gearing up for interesting twist in the story.

Banni has married Yuvan but she is well aware that it is a challenge for her.

Banni knows that she needs to take care of Yuvan and it won’t be that easy.

Manini is in her own zone and planning a big move next, Manini asks Viraj to wait and watch for more drama in Rathod house.

Manini spice up Yuvan, Banni’s life troubles

Manini knows that Yuvan isn’t an easy cup of tea and Banni won’t be able to handle him so easily.

Manini also makes sure to add more drama and complicate the situation for Banni.

Yuvan’s mother’s picture burns and Yuvan asks Banni to save it, Yuvan seems to be losing his cool with what is happening.

Manini is smirking and waiting for the breakdown situation and asks Viraj to begin the countdown for Banni.

Manini is waiting for Yuvan to lash out at Banni and kick her out of Rathod mansion leaving no option for Banni.

Will Manini’s this plan work and how will thing’s turn around?

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