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Today’s episode starts with Saurabh asking Anirudh if he surely wants him to do that. Anirudh says yes and asks Saurabh to make a call. Saurabh calls Dr. Basu and asks him to visit Binoy as he is looking for him. Basu comes and Anirudh disguise as Binoy and shares a talk with him. He tricks Basu and asks him about Bondita’s habit of wetting bed. Basu than discloses that there is no internal problem of Bondita instead out of fear because of her past she wets the bed. He says fear is in her mind.

There, Bondita cries for help and Anirudh hears her voice. She opens the door and sees Bondita on the floor crying hard. She urges Anirudh to save her father. Anirudh consoles Bondita and gets shocked seeing wet floor.

Trilochan and Binoy scold Anirudh for still getting adamant in his decision. Trilochan says Bondita use to wet bed at night but because of him she has now started wetting the bed in the morning too. He says to Anirudh that he lost the challenge as only one day left and now early in the morning he has to drop Bondita back to her house. Binoy gets happy thinking he won the challenge.

Further, Anirudh goes to his room and gets angry. He then recalls Sumati’s word where she has disclosed about Bondita’s father incident. She told him that how Bondita cried for help and saw his father dying in front of her eyes. Anirudh thinks something. Meanwhile, Batuk comes and apologizes for his behavior. Anirudh takes Batuk to Bondita and asks him to say sorry to her. The duos cheers up Bondita. Anirudh tells to Bondita that he will show her magic.

Anirudh goes to Trilochan and Binoy and says he wants to keep magic show in the house for Bondita. Binoy mocks Anirudh. He informs Mini about his victor. Episode ends with Anirudh disgusing himself as Magician. Bondita sits stunned.