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The episode starts with Bondita telling Batuk that she believes Anirudh is alive. Batuk says that’s her guilt as Anirudh died because of her. He saw it that how Anirudh died while trying to save her. Batuk says he will snatch all her favourite things just how she snatched Anirudh from him. She has to listen to him else she will regret as he will harm her family members. After giving Anirudh’s child she can go wherever she wants but before that she will stay in haweli only. Bondita feels helpless and he leaves.

Batuk gives food to Bondita and locks her in room. Trilochan comes and says he wants to see if Bondita is fine or not as she didn’t come to have dinner. Batuk allows him and Bondita says she is doing good. Trilochan says he is there for her. Bondita tells Batuk to bring water and he leaves. Batuk gives the bottle to Bihari and the latter gets a letter sent by Bondita. She writes that she needs some stuffs to create smoke. Bihari gives the bottle to Batuk and then he hides the stuffs in a blanket and gives it to Batuk saying Bondita will need it as its cold weather. Batuk gives the blanket to Bondita and at late night Bondita checks the stuffs and creates smoke by burning it.

Batuk is asleep and Bondita covers her nose. Batuk starts coughing and tries to extinguish the fire but Bondita thinks she mixed medicine in it to make Batuk unconscious so this can’t happen. She tells Batuk that there are so many mosquitoes in room and it’s harmful for the child so Batuk should not extinguish it. Batuk says it must be tough for her to breathe. He tries to move further but then faints. Bondita extinguishes the fire by pouring water and packs her luggage. She comes out of the room and Sampurna catches her. She asks her why Anirudh is unconscious and where is she going. Bondita explains everything to Sampurna that its Batuk not Anirudh. Sampurna gets shocked hearing that. She says she can’t let Bondita go alone in this condition.

Bondita says she arranged Santiniketan tickets for herself which is Anirudh’s favourite place. She will go there with her child. She tells Sampurna not to accompany her as Batuk may use Saswati for his motive and Trilochan is also helping him and he went against Bondita. Sampurna hugs Bondita and the latter assures her she will take care of herself. Sampurna comes out with Bondita and Somnath passes by. Sampurna tells Bondita to call her after reaching her destination. Trilochan turns on the light and Bondita drops her suitcase. Trilochan asks her why is she leaving. Bondita says she is leaving as he hurt her by lying to her. Why he didn’t tell her that’s Batuk not Anirudh. He didn’t trust her at all.

Trilochan says Batuk was right Bondita got everything in this house but she doesn’t value them and leaving like a thief. She is also a free minded woman and can marry someone in future. She will leave with Anirudh’s child which he can’t accept. Bondita says he could have asked her once what she thinks. She trusted him but he doesn’t consider her daughter truly thus he planned against her with Batuk. Trilochan asks her then whats her wish. He can’t lose Anirudh’s child after losing Anirudh. Bondita says she also wants her child to get Trilochan’s love. Trilochan tells her promise she won’t leave the house with the child. Bondita looks on

Episode ends