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The episode started with Bonditta teaching the kids and cleaning their faces. Aniruddh applies color on his face and calls Bonditta to clean it. Bonditta sits near Anirudh and calls Sashwati to clean it. Anirudh fakes being hurt in the eyes and Bonditta takes care of him. Anirudh romances with Bonditta and the kids run away from there telling they did not see anything. Anirudh applies colors on Bonditta’s face and thanks her for bringing color into his life. Bonditta thanks Anirudh for giving her wings. Chandrachur gets thirsty and tries to drink water but the vessel falls down and breaks.

Anirudh prepares the stage for Bonditta’s speech. Chandrachur shouts why did they leave him alive,why didn’t they kill him? Anirudh hears his voice and rushes inside the room. Anirudh unties Chandrachur and asks him who is responsible for this condition? Chandrachur tells Trilochan Kaka. Anirudh brings Chandrachur to hospital and the doctor tells he needs urgent blood transfusion. Bonditta gets on the stage to give her speech and waits for Aniruddh to begin.

Anirudh donated blood to Chandrachur. Chandrachur tells Anirudh after what he did to them Anirudh should have left him to die why us he helping him? Anirudh tells Chandrachur did bad and the court decided his punishment but Trilochan has no right taking the law in his hand. Chandrachur promises Anirudh to change a returned man after his punishment is over. Batuk returns to India and meets Trilochan.

Batuk hugs Trilochan and gets emotional. Trilochan hugs Batuk and tells him not to cry he is a Zameendar’s son and tells him to touch his feet. Batuk touches his feet and tells now he is back and he will take all his love back with interest. Trilochan tells Batuk that he became Italistani in Italy and forgot his own language. Batuk tells he forgot hindi a little but he never forgot his family,he never forgot their love.

Batuk tells Trilochan he never forgot that the reason of his seperation from his family is Bonditta. Trilochan tells Batuk to forget the past and have a new start. Trilochan tells Batuk looks exactly like his big brother Anirudh. Batuk tells but there is one big difference that Anirudh loves Bonditta madly.

Batuk asks where is Anirudh why didn’t he come to meet him? Trilochan tells he is in Bonditta’s speech for widows and that is why he is worried that Bonditta might get ahead of Anirudh. Trilochan tells Batuk he can go and meet Anirudh. Anirudh returns to the stage and apologises for Delay. Anirudh tells Bonditta that even if he is not with her she should continue her fight.

Bonditta gives her speech for the widows and ask the public to support widow remarriage. A man ask Bonditta what if her husband dies will she she remarry and Bonditta tells him his question is wrong. Anirudh tells Bonditta that the question might be wrong but we always have to give right answer. The episode ends Batuk telling he won’t lett Bonditta succeed.