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Episode starts with Judge announcing that boys team are leading the competition with one point and there’s only two more questions left. He says that girls team need to answer both the question in order to win the competition. He asks the first question and a girl from girls team rings the bell without even knowing the answer.

 Bondita and the other girl struggles answering while Saudamini taunts them. However much to everyone’s surprise, the girl who doesn’t speak answers the question. She’s the same girl who couldn’t speak about the fire. Saudamini shouts that the girl can’t speak while others taunts her. The girl says how her husband sent her to Heera mandi and made everyone believe she can’t speak. She thanks Bondita and Anirudh for trying to give her a new life.

Judge praises the girls saying that they are equal now. He asks the next question and Bondita rings the bell. She answers has NaCl. Saudamini mocks her saying that it’s salt but Judge says that both the answers are right. Saudamini being hyper reveals how she hid the books that has answers shocking everyone. Anirudh recalls an incident where Bondita was adding salt for pickle and says that this is the reason why girls have to be educated. He says science is implemented everywhere even in kitchen.

Saudamini fumes while Judge declares the girls has winner. Everyone rejoice. Elaichi asks about her husband to Saudamini but she pushes her calling her loser. Bondita helps her and Elaichi says that she don’t have any right to join them in studying. Bondita says its right of every girl which they got and consoles her. Anirudh stops Sir Greenwood and Saudamini and taunts Saudamini. He dances playing drums over victory while Saudamini fumes.

Greenwood gets ready to leave the place as he can’t stay insulted in the place. Saudamini offers to follow him but he shouts at her calling her worthless. She falls on his feet and he insults her saying that she’s fit only for this. He praises Bondita and leaves leaving her there. Anirudh finds Bondita upset and asks her the reason. She says he lied to her about going to school with other girls but she’s going alone.

He says they went to Shanti Niketan to start a new life. He says even Saurabh is leaving Kolkata. He pacified Bondita. They both comes out and everyone praises them. Anirudh praises Saurabh and they both gets emotional. He honors Saurabh and they all celebrate. On the other side Saudamini is fuming over her insult and decides to get her revenge from Bondita.

Precap : Saudamini kidnaps Bondita and throws her in garbage. Anirudh shouts for Saudamini.