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Today’s episode starts with Anirudh pleads Rasiya to help him in finding Bondita. He folds his hand in front of Rasiya. Rasiya asks why she should trust him. She calls him diplomatic person. Anirudh says he is guilty for what he has done with Bondita. He says but now he realized he is wrong and wants Bondita back in his life. Rasiya asks Anirudh to prove her first that he genuinely cares for Bondita.

Rasiya asks Anirudh to go and face the guards out there. Anirudh agrees and goes to open the door. Rasiya gets impressed with Anirudh and decides to help him. She adds she will help him in finding Bondita, if today she drops green piece of cloth than Bondita is there at Tara’s place and if it is red than not.

Anirudh thinks he will find Bondita soon. Here, Bondita sees newspaper that has Binoy, Anirudh and Mini’s picture. She thinks why they are in the paper. Bondita asks her friend Sampoorna to guess why trio is in news. She asks Sampoorna to put some break. Meanwhile, Rasiya sneaks into the room to check whether in newly called girls, Bondita there or not? She swipes the blanket. Anirudh waits for Rasiya’s signal.

Rasiya finds Sampoorna and other girl instead of Bondita. Ramiya drags Bondtia out from the room. Bondita asks her why she dragged her here. Ramiya says to help her finding what has been published about Anirudh and Mini. She tells ucchal can help her as he is educated men.

In the flashback, Ramaiya thinks how Tara learned that Rasiya met Anirudh and will try to find Bondita. She orders Rasiya to take away Bondita from the room. Back to reality; Bondita asks the man to tell what has been published for Anirudh in the magazine. Man tells to Bondita that Anirudh has done engagement with Mini. Ucchal and Ramiya instigate Bondita against Anirudh.

Here, Rasiya drops red cloth and Anirudh learned Bondita is not at Tara’s place. Bondita feels betrayed and cries. She decides to write a letter to Anirudh to ask why he married Mini. Bondita tries to write but fails. She thinks why Anirudh gave this big punishment to her for her betrayal.

Bondita asks the man if she will help her in writing letter. Ramiya asks the man to help Bondita. Bondita pours her heart out in the letter. She questions Anirudh’s loyalty in the letter. Other side, Saurabh asks Sampoorna if she is fine. Sampoorna says she doesn’t know. She worries for Bondita. Saurabh pacifies Sampoorna. There, Bondita holds the letter and cries recalling her moments with Anirudh. Anirudh too misses Bondita and recalls his moments with her.

Later, Tara gets angry at the man for writing letter to Anirudh. Here, Sampoorna’s health worsens. Saurabh asks her to take a rest. He makes her sleep on Bondita’s bed. He thinks Roy’s have gone out for Durga puja celebration.

In the morning, Tara asks Ramiya to find the letter. Bondita gets angry at Tara and Ramiya for touching her stuff without her permission. There, Saurabh gets tensed thinking he slept at Roy’s palace. Further, phone rings; Saurabh receives and Anirudh speaks from the other side. Anirudh shares with Saurabh what all happened with him at Kolkata.

Here, Tara tells to Bondita that she thought to post her letter. Bondita says she has kept it inside her pillow. Letter goes missing and Bondita looks for it. Ahead, her friend Sampoorna tells to her that she made the boat of the paper and played with it. Bondita sits stunned.

Saurabh says to Anirudh he is mistaken and Bondita might not be at diamond market. Anirudh agrees and decides to look for Bondita at some other place. He asks Saurabh to send money to him. Saurabh says he will send soon. There, Bondita fights with Sampoona. Afterwards, Anirudh receives the letter of Bondita. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Bondita learns Tara is a fake woman.