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Episode starts with Bondita coming out of jeep. She was about to enter but guard stops her from entering. Bondita says she came first in exam so she won the chance of welcoming viceroy. She is also Anirudh’s wife. Guard praises her talent and let her enter the venue. Bondita gets happy. Anirudh and Manorama meet Queen Baibhavi. Manorama says queen is looking really pretty. Bondita watches them secretly. Host welcomes viceroy on stage.

Manorama thinks another dominating officer will die when she will go to welcome him on stage. Bondita thinks Anirudh will be very happy seeing Bondita on stage. Manorama tells Anirudh that she is going to fulfil her mission. Anirudh asks her if she wants any help. Manorama says she can handle. Manorama goes from there. Bondita thinks where did Manorama go? Dancers give entertaining performance in front of viceroy. Manorama comes in disguise of a dancer and joins them. Manorama finds scope to kill viceroy.

Bondita notices the same jacket Manorama is wearing. Bondita feels why Manorama is hiding herself. Manorama thinks of taking viceroy to her revolutionary partner so that she can execute her plan. Anirudh looks worried. Manorama tries to get inside a room. Bondita also follows her. Manorama goes to store room brings out her weapons bombs and other stuffs from some boxes. Manorama says she will use them all to execute her plan. She gives it to her partner. Bondita hears noise from inside. She tries to open the door and sneaks into the room. She catches Manorama red handed.

Bondita calls her bad daughter in law. Bondita thinks Manorama is thief. She holds her hand tightly. Bondita thinks of exposing Manorama but Manorama says she is here to fulfill her mission noone can stop her. Bondita says she will expose Manorama today. Anirudh will punish Manorama. Manorama then spreads powder on Bondita and she falls unconscious. Manorama says she had to do it. She apologises to Bondita. Manorama says she had to stop Bondita for her mission. Manorama transfers another box to her partner. Manorama says now one thing is left that is to kill viceroy being suicide bomber. She locks Bondita in room.

Manorama gets ready and goes outside. Manorama lies to Anirudh that her mission is almost successful. After that she won’t trouble Anirudh anymore. Host announces Bondita’s name saying she came first in school. She will welcome viceroy. Anirudh gets overwhelmed and he waits for Bondita. He says means Bondita wanted to surprise him with this news. Bondita’ doesn’t come and Manorama thinks she can’t tell Anirudh about Bondita. Host after waiting calls Anirudh’s second wife Manorama to come on stage. Anirudh gets worried for Bondita and goes to find her. Bondita slowly gains her consciousness and murmurs Patibabu. Anirudh goes near the store room.

The Episode ends