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Host calls Anirudh’s second wife Manorama as Bondita hasn’t come yet. Manorama was about to go on stage but Bondita surprisingly stops Manorama saying I failed your plan. You thought of making me unconscious but see I am here. You can’t snatch my right. Anirudh interrupts saying he is really happy with what Bondita did. Anirudh says to Bondita that he now knows Bondita’s surprise. Bondita says she topped the exam to fulfil Anirudh’s wish. She won the chance of welcoming viceroy. Bondita was about to reveal Manorama’s truth but Manorama says this is not right time to listen to Bondita. She tells Anirudh to take Bondita from there. Bondita tells Manorama made me unconscious, she was stealing things. Manorama says Anirudh knows everything. Bondita gets shocked. Manorama says Bondita is letting her fulfil the mission. Anirudh asks but her mission is successful already. Manorama says Anirudh will get to know about it soon. Anirudh convinces Bondita and takes her outside. Bondita says she never went against his decision but he will have to answer her questions as well.

Bondita asks Anirudh why he is choosing Manorama over her. Manorama attacked her, stole things still Anirudh is taking her side. Anirudh says whatever Manorama is doing is right. Bondita says Anirudh is now changed. she tells him to swear on her. Bondita asks Anirudh tell me the truth.

Manorama looks at viceroy and thinks of pulling the latkan on stage being suicide bomber. She goes towards stage.
Anirudh explains Bondita doesn’t know the reality. Manorama’s intentions are not bad. Bondita says stealing is sin. Manorama snatched the right of her. Dugga Ma won’t forgive Manorama for hurting Bondita. Anirudh is feeling Manorama’s pain and supporting the wrong.

Manorama goes on stage and pulls the latkan but the blast doesn’t happen. She wonders why it didn’t happen. Bondita other side touches the latkan of her jacket but Anirudh scolds her saying she won’t badmouth Manorama anymore. He won’t tolerate that. Bondita gets upset. Manorama finally understands that Bondita exchanged the jackets when she was frequently going to Manorama’s room. Manorama feels how could she not understand Bondita’s planning.

Bondita again touches the latkan and asks why Anirudh doesnt care for her anymore. Anirudh says he didn’t do anything wrong but he wants Bondita’s good only. Anirudh tells Bondita to go haweli and give the interview properly. He tells her to leave for boarding school after the interview. Bondita gets disheartened and Anirudh opens the car door for Bondita. Bondita gets into car.

Viceroy gets impressed seeing all the gifts. Manorama says one extra special gift she forgot to bring. Can she go to take it? Viceroy tells her to go.

Manorama meets Anirudh and asks him about Bondita. Anirudh says now Bondita won’t trouble her anymore. He sent her back. Manorama thinks she won’t get another chance to kill viceroy. Manorama goes outside and gets worried for Bondita. Bondita calls Manorama saying she won’t let Anirudh support any wrong thing. She won’t leave. Manorama gets relieved that Bondita is safe. She shows concern and tells Bondita to return back the jacket. Bondita denies. Manorama gets angry and says Bondita only exchanged the jacket she knows it. Bondita says Anirudh’s gift belongs to me only. Manorama says she can forcefully take it from her. But then she thinks the bomb can blast at once. She requests Bondita to give the jacket, in return she will give what Bondita wants. Bondita asks can Manorama return her Patibabu?

The Episode ends