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Today’s episode starts with Trilochan asking Anirudh if Mini is his friend and nothing else. Anirudh says she is just his friend and he shouldn’t forget Bondita is his wife. Here, Bondita thinks Anirudh left and she should leave too.

There, Trilochan shares his worry with Anirudh says what if someday he has to chose between Bondita and Mini. Anirudh leaves the place saying that day won’t come in his life ever. Trilochan thinks after Bondita will grow up she won’t find is good, Anirudh spending time with Mini. Later, Trilochan goes to Bondita and tries to make her understand that she should keep an eye on Anirudh so that he doesn’t go out. Bondita don’t understand Trilochan’s word. She thinks she has to leave to pray Lord Krishna.

Other side, Binoy calls Master and asks him how Bondita studied well. Master says it can’t be possible. Binoy thinks something is fishy. Further, Trilochan thinks to alert Bondita against Mini. Trilochan sees Anirudh and Mini’s dance. He asks Bondita to saw too. Bondita gets happy seeing their dance. Trilochan gets irked and tries to make Bondita understand that Mini is snatching Anirudh from her. Bondita somehow manages to send Trilochan back to his room and escapes from the window, keeping her effigy. Binoy doubts Bondita and goes to cross-check her. He talks with the effigy thinking Bondita.

Later, Binoy figures out that Bondita escaped from the house keeping her effigy. He follows Bondita. Here, Saurabh asks Sampoorna from where she got the goats. Ahead, Bondita bumps into Sampoorna and Saurabh. She tells to Saurabh that, Sampoorna got the goats from Lord Krishna. She tells about Brijvasi’s Lord Krishna. Saurabh stands confused.

Later, Bondita tells to Sampoorna that where she is going to pray Lord Krishna the place is dangerous. Sampoorna worries for Bondita. Further, Binoy follows Bondita. Bondita hides beneath the Lord Krishna’s idol and thinks Krishna is giving blessing to her. Here, Brijvasi smirk fooling devotees and thinks Bondita is his golden hen. Meanwhile, Binoy looks for Bondita outside Brijvasi’s aashram. Trilochan catches him and drags him inside. He introduces him to Brijvasi. Binoy looks for Bondita.

Trilochan insists Binoy to ask question to Lord Krishna. Binoy gets angry and leaves the place. Ahead, Binoy spots Bondita’s sleeper and thinks to search for Bondita.

There, Trilochan asks question to Lord Krishna, if Anirudh will be free from Mini’s trap or not. Bondita about to faint and gives no response. Brijvasi asks Trilochan to visit some other day to get his answer. Later, Binoy spots Brijvasi and Bondita together. He overhears their talk. Brijvasi asks Bondita to keep visiting him. Bondita agrees. Hearing, Bondita, Binoy thinks to expose Bondita in front of all.

Here, Brijvasi thinks to escape the village along with Bondita. He gets happy thinking how he is fooling Bondita, Trilochan and others.

Bondita run back home. Other side, Anirudh sees Sindoor on Mini’s table and asks her why she kept it there. Mini does the drama and pretends how heartbroken she is seeing Sindoor as; Sindoor is not in her destiny. Anirudh stands shocked. Mini desires to marry someone. Anirudh says to Mini that one day she will get her dream man. Mini stands shocked.

Further, Anirudh feels proud of Bondita and says to Mini, he spends time with her. And Bondita keeps studying in the meantime.

Later, Anirudh dance with Mini and talks about Bondita. He says one day Bondita will make the world proud. Meanwhile, effigy set by Bondita falls down. Anirudh worry for Bondita and peek into his study. He gets tensed seeing Bondita is not in her room. Mini gets irked and thinks to defame Bondita in Anirudh’s eye. Anirudh reach home and stands shocked.

Precap: Anirudh asks Bondita where she went skipping study.