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Today’s episode starts with Devoleena telling to Bondita the difference between widow and left wife. She says society once can accept widow but not left wife. She explains that left lady is the one whose husband leaves his wife and she is the one. Bondita stands teary. Sumati asks Devoleena to stop.

There, when Anirudh don’t open the door. Bhaumik asks the men out there to open the door. Dida asks Anirudh if he stayed overnight in Mini’s room. Pandit out there says sin happened between Anirudh and Mini. Anirudh defends himself. Bhaumik does the drama and asks Pandit not to tell anyone about what he saw. Pandit says this thing don’t hide for long. Dida cries. Post Anirudh leave; Mini, Bhaumik and Dida laughs loud.

Here, Bondita asks Devoleena if Anirudh too will be called as left man. Devoleena asks her to go and questions Anirudh about the same. Bondita recalls how Anirudh send her home. She sits down and talks with lemon. Devoleena asks Sumati to take care of Bondita and tell he lemon don’t talk. Bondita says Anirudh told her they can even talk with lemon.

Other side Anirudh feels his head is heavy. In the flashback, Anirudh’s headache and Bondita gives him lemon to taste. Anirudh asks if this will work. Bondita says yes. Anirudh post eating lemon feels sour and Bondita asks if he too felt sour. Anirudh explains to him that lemon don’t differentiate between boy and girl. He asks Bondita to tell the same story if anyone differentiate between boy and girl in front of her. He laughs.

Back to reality; Bihari comes and Anirudh looks for Bondita. Bihari asks if he too is missing Bondita. Anirudh says he will fade away her memories. Bihari informs Anirudh that Bhaumik came home along with few people and has called him. Anirudh and Bondita both miss each other.

Further, a lady fills water. Woman out there see her and feels disgusted. They snatch water from her and say she is market woman.  Stranger craves for water. Villagers refuse to feed her water and say she is inauspicious as she is market woman. Bondita gives a helping hand to the stranger. She gives her the water.

There, Panchyat people say to Anirudh that he did sin by taking shelter in Mini’s room and stayed there over night. Anirudh tries to defend himself. Panchayat people ask Anirudh to payback Mini now. Sampoorna feels sad hearing the talk.



Here, stranger asks Bondita why she is helping her when everyone refused to help her. Bondita tells to her that Anirudh used to say when river don’t differentiate between humans than who are they? Stranger gets impressed with Bondita. Villagers out there humiliate Bondita and call her left wife. Bondita says Anirudh didn’t left her and one say he will come for her rescue. Lady stranger prays to God that whatever prayer she has done than done far to give its fruit to Bondita. She asks God to reunite Bondita with her husband.

Ahead, Anirudh asks Panchayat people to cross-check with Trilochan and if he says he did any wrong by staying with Mini than he will marry Mini. But if Trilochan favors him then they will end the talk right now. Binoy thinks Trilochan won’t agree for the wedding.

Meanwhile, Bihari does puja and Trilochan miss Bondita. He further, tells to Bihari that before Navratri he will bring Bondita back home. Anirudh enters the room and says to Trilochan that villagers wanted him to marry Mini. Trilochan raises his voice and says none can replace Bondita. Bhaumik reveals to Trilochan that Anriudh has spent night with Mini. Anirudh tells to Trilochan that he didn’t cross his limit but just went to take care of her. Trilochan stands shocked.

Other side, Sumati asks Sundaram if he forwarded the letter to Anirudh. Sundaram says yes. He thinks he is lying because to save Sampoorna’s house, they have to give pain to Bondita.

Sumati asks Bondita why she stepped out. Bondita asks why Anirudh didn’t thought once if he will leave her; the left wife won’t be able to spend her life on her terms and condition. She asks to Sumati why everyone differentiates between boy and girl. Devoleena interrupts and says to Sumati that they have to go to the market. She asks Bondita to go to the river and wash clothes. She taunts Bondita and asks her to go to the backyard and wash the clothes. Bondita about to defend but Sumati stops her. She asks Bondita to clean the clothes. Bondita does the same. (Episode Ends)

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