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Today’s episode starts with Tara saying to Bondita that none talked this badly with her ever in life. She praises Bondita’s strength and adds now she has to pay-off for her boldness. Bondita asks why she will pay. Tara says she too tried to fly away but all cut her wings by taking her one eye. She says to Bondita she won’t take her eyes. Tara orders to lock up Bondita and take care of her because after 2 days her exhibition will happen. Suraiya takes Bondita with her.

Further, Rasiya thinks to inform Anirudh. Anirudh thinks how he will find Bondita in this big diamond place. He asks God to help him. Here, Rasiya hatches a plan to signal Anirudh about Bondita.

Rasiya performs a dance. While, dancing Tara throws green duppata outside. Anirudh sees and thinks Rasiya wants to convey that Bondita is at ‘seesh mahal’.

Anirudh thanks Rasiya bai. He tries to sneak into Tara’s place. But her men stop him. Bondita hears Anirudh’s voice and urges to open the door. She breaks the window and sees Anirudh. Bondita gets happy and thinks her protector is back to save her. Meanwhile, Anirudh fights with the goons and gatecrash Tara’s place. He asks Bondita to reply him back as he is here to take her. Anirudh asks Bondita not to fear anyone as none can touch her till he is here. Tara says lover finally entered. Ahead, Anirudh cries and apologizes to Bondita for his mistakes. Bondita cries too and recalls her moment with him.

Rasiya sees Anirudh and thinks first time one man head down at her place. He feels proud of Bondita. Tara asks Anirudh why he is here. Aniurdh says to Tara that he is here to take his wife and will not leave without her. Tara and Anirudh argue with each other.

Later, Tara asks Rasiya to send Anirudh back as she knows how dangerous she is. Rasiya asks Anirudh to leave. Anirudh says he can’t wait more and will go back taking Bondita from here. Tara laughs at Anirudh’s craziness.

Anirudh gets angry and throws anklet at Tara. Tara’s goons beat Anirudh to the blue. Bondita cries for Anirudh. Rasiya asks the goons to leave him. Tara stabs Anirudh with the knife. Rasiya stands shocked. Tara challenges Anirudh and asks him to stand up and take Bondita with him. Bondita cries for help too. Anirudh lies on the floor lifeless. Tara laughs. Her goons take away Anirudh with them. Tara orders not to give any help to Anirudh.

Episode ends with Bondita screaming for Anirudh.

Precap: Bondita challenges Tara Bai.