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Today’s episode starts with Anirudh enters the study and look for Bondita. Bondita enters the house and reach the room before Anirudh. Bondita thanks God that he saved the day. Anirudh asks Bondita from where milk smell is coming? Bondita makes an excuse. Further, Anirudh asks Bondita to show her homework. Bondita gives the copy. Anirudh gets angry on Bondita seeing she hadn’t done the homework. He interrogates Bondita. Binoy and Trilochan come too.

Meanwhile, Bihari comes and Anirudh asks Bihari to check from where milk smell is coming. Bihari looks and Trilochan asks him not to search because Lord Krishna has arrived in the village. Thus, each place smells like milk and butter. Bihari says to Anirudh he feels milk smell is coming from Bondita.

Anirudh recalls the flashback and questions Bondita if she too visited Brijvasi’s Lord Krishna to see the magic. Trilochan says to Anirudh that it is not possible because he went to the place and Bondita was not there. He asks Binoy if he saw Bondita there. Binoy says no. Anirudh refuses to believe. Trilochan brings copy and asks Bondita to promise on the Book that she didn’t visit to Brijvasi’s Lord Krishna. Bondita stands shocked. Anirudh says Bondita don’t need to take any promise.

Anirudh shows his believe on Bondita. He further says to Bondita that trust and believe is very valuable. He asks Bondita not to ever break his trust. Bondita feels bad lying to Anirudh.

Other side, Saurabh restarts his life with Sampoorna. Sampoorna pray to God and thanks Bondita too. Surmari spot the duo and thinks by bringing dowry goats, Sampoorna forgot she run the house.

There, Bondita on call apologize to Sumati for lying Anirudh. Here, Binoy exposes Bondita’s lie to Mini. Mini and Binoy hatches a new plan to separate Bondita. They make a plan to trap Bondita in a Brijvasi’s magic day so that in front of villagers Anirudh throws her out.

Later, Bondita feels guilty for lying to Anirudh. She punishes her by lying on the floor. Batuk sees Bondita on floor and console her. He says sorry for not completing her homework. Bondita says she is not mistaken rather she is doing big mistake. Batuk advice Bondita to rectify her mistakes.

In the morning, Bondita confronts in front of sleeping Anirudh that she is lying to her. She decides not to visit Lord Krishna temple. She says she will not lie to Anirudh anymore. Meanwhile, Brijvasi enters the Roy house. Trilochan welcome Brijvasi. Brijvasi call Trilochan for puja. Bondita stands shocked seeing Brijvasi at home.


Further, Brijvasi made Trilochan to handover Bondita house key. He asks to first pray in front of God. Trilochan agree. Afterwards, Brijvasi says to Bondita he wants to talk something with her. Bondita says she knows Lord Krishna has sent him because she has decided she will not lie to Anirudh anymore.

Here, Anirudh sees coconut phone and looks for Bondita. Brijvasi manipulates Bondita against Sampoorna. Bondita stands stunned. Anirudh spots Bondita and Brijvasi together. (Episode Ends)