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Today’s episode starts with Brijvasi manipulating Bondita. He convinces Bondita to come to pray at the temple. Bondita agree. Brijvasi asks Bondita to wear heavy jewelr before coming to make Krishna happy. Bondita questions, Brijvasi why Lord Krishna wants her to wear Jewelry instead God gets happy with the devotion.

Later, Anirudh comes to Bondita and asks her what Brijvasi asked her to do. He asks she said she don’t know him than why she is talking with him. He gets angry at Bondita. Bondita stands speechless. Trilochan interrupts and tells to Anirudh that he made her to meet him. Anirudh takes away Bondita with him. Here, Brijvasi thinks to take Bondita away with him far from Anirudh.

In the morning, Anirudh says to Bondita that he will take her test. Bondita sits stunned. He asks Bondita to write. He further asks Bondita to show her copy. Anirudh gets angry at Bondita for not able to write one letter.

Meanwhile, Anirudh hears Mini’s voice and excuses himself from there. He closes windows and doors before leaving the house. Anirudh asks Koyali about Mini. Koyali says dida took Mini with her somewhere. Mini and Dida hides. Dida supports Mini in her drama.

Other side, Bondita prays to God to find the way to escape from the house. Binoy loses the door and Bondita thinks Lord Krishna himself calling her thus, door is opened. She happily leaves the house. Here, Binoy makes the Bondita’s effigy at the study to trick Anirudh. Anirudh comes back home and sees the effigy. He gets angry at Bondita for not completing her homework. Binoy smirks.

Anirudh thinks Bondita escaped from the window. He enquires about Bondita from Batuk, Soam and Bihari. Binoy comes and asks Anirudh why he is forcing Bondita to study when she don’t want to study. Anirudh shows his believe on Bondita and says, Bondita can’t escape from the house because of study. Meanwhile, Mini does the drama and act weird. Anirudh stands shocked seeing her.

Later, Anirudh and Bhaumik tell to Mini that she has turned blind. There, Bondita does the prayer. Here, dida reveals that she took Mini to Brijvasi’s Krishna and he gave her some medicine to eat hence, she lost her sight. Anirudh gets shocked.

There, Bondita does the prayer and devotee prays to Lord Krishna. Ahead, Bondita faints. Trilochan and Munshi urge Brijvasi to ask Lord Krishna to restart the shloka. Here, Mini asks Anirudh to promise her that he will not spare Brijvasi. Anirudh decides to avenge Brijvasi.

Birjvasi asks villagers to wait outside till he asks Lord Krishna to restart the shloka. He goes to Bondita and gives her water. He asks Bondita to restart the shloka as people are waiting for her. Bondita questions, who is waiting for her? Brijvasi stops Bondita from peeking out. Meanwhile, Anirudh calls out for Brijvasi and screams he will expose his lie. (Episode Ends)