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Barrister Babu Spoiler: Bondita sacrifices her studies shocking Anirudh

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Episode starts with Anirudh saying get Sampoorna out of here. We don’t want to see her face anymore. Bondita says to Trilochan tell Sampoorna ma to leave this house as she doesn’t deserve to get the respect from us. Trilochan shouts Binoy. Binoy says now its my turn to speak.

Though you all have cut ties with her but she is still my wife. We can’t change the truth. I was tensed before but Sampoorna supported me today. I accept her as my wife she won’t go anywhere. Anirudh says but we can’t stay with this woman who cheated us more than once. Sampoorna then starts blaming Anirudh saying he also spent his father’s and uncle’s money to do all the social works. He is living a luxurious life because of his father and his uncle.

Now he is accusing them and teaching lesson to others. He hasn’t earned enough money but still he has so much pride. Why? She challenges Anirudh to earn money on his own. Trilochan shouts at Sampoorna saying he is jameendar’s son, he will live life like this, who are you to give him lesson?

Bondita says Sampoorna has forgotten moral values that’s why she is blaming a good person. Not everyone has the guts to think for others, to do something good for others. Sampoorna keeps taunting Anirudh and says he should take Bondita’s responsibilities and pay for her expenses, also he should pay her school fees. Anirudh says he will prove himself then else there will be no difference between him and Sampoorna. He says I will make Bondita Barrister and will leave this house.

Sumati comes to Anirudh and says she had no intention to start all the argument. Anirudh says she should not feel guilty about it. He says now I have to prove myself for my own good. I want to take Bondita’s responsibility. Sumati can also go with him. Sumati refuses and says she knows Anirudh will handle everything properly. Anirudh takes blessings from her.

Vihari requests Bondita that she should stop Anirudh from leaving. Bondita says like Sita left with Ram I too will leave with him and will take care of him. Sumati says to Bondita she’ll write letters to her. She has to support her patibabu and she will become a barrister babu. Bondita hugs Sumati.

Anirudh Bondita walk towards door. Vihari says to Trilochan that only he can stop Anirudh Bondita. Trilochan says I love them that’s why I don’t want to stop them.